Iteration Project: Make-a-thon Participation

During the week of the Iteration assignment, I opted participating in the Make-a-Thon. My team was named “MOVI” and the goal was to design a protective guard for a prosthetic leg. Prosthetic legs are very sophisticated and are extremely valuable. Yet those products are worn at the part of our body with the most movement […]

Final Project: PiCrawler

PiCrawler is my final project for this course. It is a voice-controlled robot that can move in all directions on the ground.  The robot integrated a Raspberry Pi (as the master for control), an Arduino (as the slave managing servo actions), and a mechanical base with two panels of “legs”. An offline speech recognition module […]

Arduino II: Walking Robot

F or the second week of Arduino, we’ve learned controlling servos using Arduino. And we’ve been challenged to code different behaviors for two servos. A parallel program. What I came up was this nested loop, with two helper functions. The two servos were not running completely different programs though. They are still linearly related. But […]

Arduino I: Intro

For the first week of Arduino project, we were introduced into the essentials of the microcontroller, LED controls, and some of its sensors. With the circuit design experience in the Copper Tape project, most of the materials were not that difficult. Although still relied on Google for figuring out the right resistor. I’ve had some […]

Textile Assignment: Sewing and Digital Embroidery

This biweekly project was about sewing machines. For me, it is an interesting area with very limited knowledge/experience before.   Four stages were designed for us to learn the sewing-101. The first one was a very barebone practice: stitch the lines and curves drawn on a piece of cloth. This stage gave me a hot […]

3D Printing

The 3D printing assignment is a biweekly project. We’ve learned TinkerCAD and MeshMixer during the first lab session, and 3D scanning during the second.  Alien on the Wall For the first project, I used TinkerCAD built the alien-on-the-castle model. The castle was built mimicking a station on the Great Wall. Pretty straight forward–stacking cubes together, […]

Copper Tape Paper Circuit

This week, the assignment was about using copper tape to craft three circuits including coin LiPo battery (3V), LEDs, and resistors. 1. Simple Circuit I named this design the “Sunrise”. It was inspired by the graphic on the piece of paper–a rising sun. The flipped corner is served both as a battery case and the […]

Vinyl Sticker

For the vinyl assignment, I’ve tried various techniques. Started with the one in class, simply merging two graphics into a hybrid one. I picked a tiny dragon and a skull for their simple and curvy outlines. Thought it would be cool to have that dragon grow out of the skull. The end result looks nice […]

Laser Cut Name Tag

During the first lab hours, I made this name tag. The outer shape is mimicking ninja with head cover. The logo in the back was downloaded from the Internet as a vector image. I tried using raster to create shades in the background. But the finish is less than perfect. Although I set the letters […]