Final Project

My final project is a stuffed animal called Monster Fo. because it is about food. Monster Fo. can tell you what to eat and how to cook it. You can put it on your bed like a usual stuff animal. And when you wake up, you can shake it and let it decide what your […]

Iteration Project

For this iteration assignment, I am remaking my original light-up card. Here is the original light-up card. My goal is to create a 3D outdoor-scene based on the game “travel frog”. The idea is that when I press a bottom, the house and a tree light up. And then when I turn on the power, […]

Pom-Pom Bot

This week we are doing pom-pom bot with Arduino servos. The goal is to make it move. I have no idea what’s the mechanics behind the movement of moving from point A to B. Before I start my physical construction, I plan to make something that looks like a snake with puffball, but my plan […]

Arduino introduction

In our lab session, we learned how to use Arduino to make LEDs SOS light and how to combine LEDs with ultrasonic distance sensor. We followed the step on “the Arduino Instruction tutorial”. All the descriptions are clear. I have never used Arduino before, but a classmate who sits next to me has much experience […]

Soft Circuit

In the past two weeks, we learn embroidery, sewing, and e-textiles. During discussion time, we made a simple one to two color embroidery and e-textiles. For the assignment, I was thinking about using simple and clear graph. I was first looking at the polygon shapes of different animals. It was a trending in tattoo design. […]

3D Modeling / Scanning / Printing

At first, I tried to come up ideas for each of the three prompt, and tried to play with each design methods. I used Sculptris to make a monster and found the grab tool very useful and interesting.I also use TinkerCAD to make an unfinished frog.    After those practice, I decide to prompt 3. […]

Project #3: Copper Tape Light-Up Card

For this lab, I was thinking to make a light-up card for a recent popular game in Asia, called 旅かえる. The game is about a travel frog, and player acts like the parent who helps pack its package. So the basic idea is that the frog’s house lights up when it’s at home. The first […]

Project #2 Vinyl Stickers

I want to make a “BioNerd” collage. Last week, I saw Valentine’s chocolate advertising. The chocolate is like the 3d print of human organs. My friends said it’s a good idea because he is a Bio nerd. So I decided to make organ sticker collage with the word “BioNerd” in the center. I used school’s […]

Project #1: Laser Name Tag

At first, I have no clue what I want to make. I knew that I want a name tag that I can use everywhere. So I google laser name tag, business name tag, designer name tag and so on. Then, I saw a name tag which has a speech bubble surrounded by a bunch of […]