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Project #3: Copper Tape Light-Up Card

For this lab, I was thinking to make a light-up card for a recent popular game in Asia, called 旅かえる. The game is about a travel frog, and player acts like the parent who helps pack its package. So the basic idea is that the frog’s house lights up when it’s at home.
The first problem I have is that, in the game, we need to swipe left or right to get the whole scene. So I screenshot 7 images of the front door, and make it into a wide-angle image. I first thought of the panorama photo, and use an online tool called “Dermandar”, which generates both panorama photo and wide-angle photo. I found out the wide-angle photo is what I actually looking for.

And then, I measured the distance between the entrance and the window, in order to make the circuit light-up in the right place. After I finished the circuit, I cut the window and a leaf, and use another paper to make a new window and a leaf so the light can show.

After I finished everything, my friend asked me did I draw everything, I said, no, I printed it. He said if I drew it, it will be more amazing. I also notice that I can make it more 3d if I do paper-cut work on its house and leaves. I am not satisfied with what I did this time. I am thinking about doing a better one later.

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Project #2 Vinyl Stickers

I want to make a “BioNerd” collage. Last week, I saw Valentine’s chocolate advertising. The chocolate is like the 3d print of human organs. My friends said it’s a good idea because he is a Bio nerd. So I decided to make organ sticker collage with the word “BioNerd” in the center.

I used school’s Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape to do the graphic design. I don’t know if illustrator has a tool to make an image into vector. So I used Inkscape to transform the image and used illustrator to edit the image. However, a multilayer sticker collage took more time then I think. One reason is that I need to limit it to a certain amount of color. Another problem is the process of splitting and combining while thinking about how would I print it out. So I ended up only having 3 organs and 1 skeleton.

I made several mistakes during the design and printing process. I saved my vector file on shool’s desktop and forgot to save it on my google drive. Luckily, I still have a PDF file. And when I stuck all the sticker together, I mess up a layer that should come first. I would say, maybe I will do sticker only have three layers next time if I ever do it again.

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Project #1: Laser Name Tag

At first, I have no clue what I want to make. I knew that I want a name tag that I can use everywhere. So I google laser name tag, business name tag, designer name tag and so on. Then, I saw a name tag which has a speech bubble surrounded by a bunch of doodles. I think this is just right for me. I also like doodling and I draw weird characters.
I copied down some doodles on my notes, unfinished banners design (a blending of Chinese character “language” and “computer”) from a long time ago, and then combined with some middle-school doodles I draw.

I did not know Inkscape before, but I used adobe illustrator and photoshop several times. So the original unfinished banner is saved as a vector in the library of my Adobe account. I tried to combine every vector, but then I chose to hand draw everything on a piece of paper and use Adobe Capture to make it into a vector and put it into the Inkscape document.


I could not decide what material should I use. I like wood, but for such detailed doodle, I am afraid it would burn. So I chose a black acrylic. It turned out much better than I thought. I was not satisfied with the doodles I have, but it looks really good afterward. One mistake I made is the font. I forgot to save the font with the file, so the font is not my original design thinking, but I didn’t want to print it again. I would like to make another name tag sometime in the future, I want to draw something that’s more organized and try using more Inkscape.

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