Iteration Assignment

This assignment was all about improving and building upon one or two of our previous assignments we did for this semester. I decided to combine the laser cutting and copper tape circuit projects by creating a wood cut-out of a cat with glowing LEDs for eyes. Below are the laser cut and copper tape circuit […]

Arduino II Assignment

For this week’s continuation of Arduino, we incorporated movement using servo motors. Our assignment was to build a locomotive pom-pom bot using these motors, the Arduino for programming the movement, and basic arts and crafts skills for the robot creation.  In honor of Game of Thrones premiering its last season this weekend, I wanted to […]

Arduino I Assignment

This week, we were introduced to the open-source platform Arduino and also learned more about building circuits with breadboards, LEDs, and resistors. I was particularly looking forward to this particular assignment, because as a CS major, I already felt comfortable with the coding aspect of the project, but have never worked with Arduinos before so […]

Assignment 5: Sewing and Embroidery

For this 2-week project, I became familiar with making embroidery and using a sewing machine – skills I only remember learning in a home economics class I took in middle school but never applying again until now.  As an introduction to the sewing machines, our first assignment was a simply drawstring bag. I used a […]

Assignment 4: 3D Printing

For this two-week project, we utilized TinkerCAD and Autodesk Meshmixer, as well as 3D scanning software, to build models we could then 3D print. The first week was dedicated to familiarizing ourselves with the different software, so I created a silly little alien model in TinkerCAD. For the second week of this project, we learned […]

Assignment 3: Copper Tape Circuits

For this week, I created 3 different circuits of increasing difficulty using copper tape, 3 V batteries, LED lights of varying colors, and some basic paper crafting and circuitry knowledge. The first circuit was a very basic template consisting of one LED, one battery, and a switch. The second part of the assignment was to […]

Assignment 2: Layered Sticker

The first sticker I created during lab section was a combination of a bunny and a cat silhouette. The second is the CU Fab Lab logo, which consists of three layers that helped us practice creating multi-layered stickers. For my final sticker, I decided to create a little matryoshka doll (AKA Russian nesting doll). Being […]

Assignment 1: Laser Name Tag

Since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of Studio Ghibli films, especially those written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, so right off the bat I knew I wanted to create something related to that for my first project in this course. So I decided what better way to reflect that than to incorporate […]

Storyboard Assignment

For our storyboard, my group decided on creating a touch screen table that can be used at restaurants to order food. The idea is that restaurant goers can filter menu options based on certain dietary restrictions (in the case of this setting, one of the customers is gluten intolerant) and order their meal through the […]