Final Project – Motion Sensor Solar Powered Desk Lamp

Question 1: For this final project, I made a solar powered motion sensor desk lamp controlled by Arduino. The lamp is made by cutting a block of wood into three pieces. Two of the longer blocks are for the stand which is connected to the other block for the head with a screw, winged bolt, […]

Assignment 8: Iteration

Wow, I can’t believe that the semester is coming to an end (graduation is just around the corner, don’t know what to feel about it). So this week we had to do our iteration assignment. We have to take something that we have previously done (or the skills that we have previously learned) and try […]

Arduino 2 : Locomoting Bots

This week, we learned how to use the Servo motors to create simple movement. I really enjoyed the learning experience (although it was quite hard since I am a business student). I initially made a chicken that is flapping its wings. My design was to put one motor on each wing and put the chicken […]

Arduino Part 1

  This week, we learned how to use Arduino. It is a very simple circuit that can carry out simple commands using the command prompt in the IDE. We learned how to code using the IDE to make the LED in the circuit blink using natural body resistance. For this week, we need to make […]

Sewing and Digital Embroidery

This week we were introduced to sewing. It was very tough for me as I have never done any sewing in my entire life. Emilie first taught us how to insert the thread into the needle (thank God for machines nowadays). Then we learned how to sew a line on a piece of fabric. At […]

3D Printing Assignment

For the past two weeks, we have been taught how to use “print” 3D files using the 3D printer in the Fab Lab. The first week, Emilie introduced us to TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD is basically an easy, browser-based 3D design and modeling tool for all. She asked us to create a castle using the shapes available […]

Copper Tape Paper Circuit

This week’s assignment allowed me to access my inner engineer (and failed miserably on the first try). In my opinion, making the circuit is easier said than done. We were given a template and just had to follow the instruction to make a circuit. Although the directions were quite clear, I had trouble in setting […]

Multilayer Stickers

This week I learned how to make stickers using Silhouette. I first was introduced to sticker making using the Inkscape program that I have become quite accustomed to. The exercise was to combine two animal silhouettes to make a nonexistent animal. I decided to combine a snake with the wings of a bat and added […]

Storyboard Assignment

In the last lecture, Jeff told us to make a group of three, and create a storyboard for a pre-determined idea. My group mates and I decided to make a storyboard for a mobile application for the Fab Lab. After brainstorming, I decided to call it the FABApp! The setting for the FABApp! we decided […]

Laser Name Tag

This project is a first for me. I have never gone to the Fab Lab ever. It was the first time for me in my 2 years here on the campus. This is also the first time that I work with a laser printer. which was really awesome in my opinion. Before doing this project, […]