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Name Tag

This name tag assignment was my first time using laser printers and it was even cooler than I expected.

I started off by making this example name tag, just to get to know the technology.

I tried out different fonts until my name looked unfamiliar and I thought I’d misspelled it. When I finally found this one I liked the design and to me I thought it had a very cinematic aesthetic. I’m a big movie and media fan, so that fit perfectly!

Then I decided to add an image of a rabbit because I’ve been really into bunnies lately. I followed a page on twitter that tweets them constantly and I can’t get enough.

I chose a floral shape because that’s another thing that I’m a big fan of. I have lots of floral clothes and try to keep lots of flowers and plants in my apartment. The holes were me just trying out different textures and they’re in random locations on each petal because it was a carefree addition. šŸ™‚

Moving on to my final name tag, I kept the same floral imagery but dropped the bunny. Once Duncan mentioned using business cards as inspiration, I started thinking of an upcoming networking event that I’m going to in New York City in February. It would be really creative and unique to have a laser etched name tag for that! But it still has to look professional.

someones pls teach me to rotate photos

This is the final design that I came up with. The font of the name stayed, the floral shape became larger and more flat to fit the rectangle better. And I rounded the rectangle to give it a softer shape. I didn’t like the rough edges as much, just from a personal aesthetic.

The only other information I included was the university. I didn’t want to clutter the name tag too much or include information that I might want to change later.

The font for the school is more official looking, since the rest of the components aren’t as serious.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, which is sitting in the Fab Lab classroom at the moment. But here it is getting etched! Love how it turned out šŸ™‚

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