Final Project (AirB&B)

Siena Walsh I’m very proud of my finished project “Air B & B”. From inspiration to completion I really put my heart into this project, and I hope that it is as successful out in the garden as it can be! For my final project of INFO 490, I decided to build an insect hotel. […]

Iteration Assignment

For my iteration assignment I decided to combine the pom pom bot assignment with the pop up card assignment and make a little robot with an LED light attachment.  My idea was to have a puppet “connect the dots”, resulting in an idea represented by a lightbulb on her head lighting up and her hand […]

Final idea

My final project is inspired by Mother London’s “Wildhomes for Wildlife” campaign with Ikea. Designers took Ikea furniture and repurposed it to make wacky and creative birdhomes. I want to do something similar utilizing ‘woodshop tools’ and ‘laser printing’ to make creative homes for bees. In addition to this, I want to have my […]

Arduino 2

For this project I initially wanted to make a robot that does the Woah, a new dance move that’s been all over Twitter these past few weeks. I drew out the arm motions and quickly realized that I’d actually need at least 2 servos going 360* and another servo to move both arms side to […]


Moving into this project I was definitely nervous and intimidated. The last two projects haven’t exactly gone my way and I definitely was not prepared to have a second mental breakdown in the FabLab this week. So I came in early and ready to fail.  Luckily, I’m happy to report that it wasn’t that bad […]

Textile Assignment

I’ll be adding to this later, as it is sadly 🙁 incomplete.  I was underestimated the amount of time this process would take, but here are my initial steps: For starters, for the embroidery project I decided to make an apron with an embroidered design on the front. I like cooking and baking and would […]

3d Printing

Messing around with Tinker Cad, I first made this really ugly castle. I was just trying to use each of the shapes once or twice and get a feel for the program.  I learned how to 3d scan by scanning this castle/building model. And I used the Kinect and Meshmixer to scan and edit this […]

Response #2

Power, Access, Status: The Discourse of Race, Gender, and Class in the Maker Movement             I think what needs to be done first, before even trying to shift the conversation away from one about needs and problems to one of assets and opportunities is to address the misconceptions. I don’t know much about the ‘Maker […]

Readings & Summaries

What was the author’s argument? How did they support it/make the argument? What key points were the take-aways? “Why I Am Not a Maker” The author argues that the culture surrounding making has a hierarchy of makers placed above non-makers, and she also suggests that this culture is informed by the history of making in […]

Copper Tape Card

Okay! So I don’t know why but I really struggled on this one. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to get my circuit to work on just a flat piece of paper. And I think the problem was that I was only using one battery for 2 red lights, and so […]

Vinyl Stickers

For the sticker assignment, my first step was to think about a sticker that I would use. Personally, I’m not someone who often uses stickers. I like them a lot, but once you put them on something you usually can’t change your mind. So typically, the only stickers I use are on cards and in […]


My group decided to work on the concept of a technologically advanced table. Although we came up with very different executions, they mostly revolved around the idea of the table being able to give guests necessary information. For my storyboard, I started with 8 panels since that’s how many I used in my rough draft. […]