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Stickers – Craig Santo

I created the first two images during lab section – I didn’t know that we needed to do a logo for the layered one, but I’d say it’s pretty close to the twitter logo…

My Griffin sticker is a corgi-bird hybrid, created by cutting apart a bird silhouette (removing most of the bird, and then breaking the wings and tail apart) and unioning them with the corgi silhouette.

For the “Twitter” logo, I found a black-and-white outlined picture of a bird, and used two copies of it to make the separate pieces – one became the full black background that the rest of the pieces would go on, and the other turned into the separate pieces that would be layered on top (main body/head, wing, beak).

I don’t have any in-progress shots of the “Twitter” sticker, but the layering was wing, body, beak. In retrospect I slightly missed the wing sticker’s placement.

For the final sticker, I edited the “Welcome to Nightvale” art depicted below

There were some printing mishaps – after sacrificing a few vinyl sheets, I decided to do the two black pieces (tower and waves) separately because I wasn’t quite able to get them on the same sheet – the alignment of the printing sheet was not quite what it said it was.
All the layers finalized
Backsplash layer with tower
Eye on top of backsplash layer
Center of eye added
Final – waves added

The toughest part about this assignment was getting the black pieces of the sticker to peel out and stick properly – I need to pluck out pluck out pieces from the tower sticker, and delicately pull the waves from the rest of their vinyl.

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Name Tag – Craig Santo

In order to add complexity to my design, I decided to make a custom shape using the union tool – a semicircle, rounded rectangle, and regular rectangle. The regular rectangle is barely visible, as it is only used to make a smooth connection between the rounded rectangle and the semicircle.

The smaller semicircle cutouts on both layers function both as a keychain clip, as well as a way for me to let more of the bottom layer show through from the front.

Initial template with top and bottom pieces.

My original (lab time) design used the same raster image, but with a different shape (a simple, rounded rectangle). My name and the image were also not imposed over each other. The most difficult part about putting the shape together was the merging point of the regular rectangle and the semicircle – the “mathematically correct” point resulted in a sharp corner where they connect.

I considered adding circular cutouts to the bottom layer that corresponded to the holes in the letters in my name (a, g, o), but ultimately decided against it. I decided that I didn’t want anything under/behind the name tag to “bleed through,” and that I would instead choose a font that made the letters distinct enough to be discernible without the cutouts visible. I would further highlight the cutout letters by choosing a lighter material for the top layer than the bottom layer.

I chose a VR headset for my image because I’ve been on VR course staff for 4 semesters, and I do VR work as an intern for the Advanced Visualization Lab at the NCSA.

Added name and raster image to top piece

This is how the name tag turned out. I used 1/8″ green acrylic for the front layer, and 1/8″ black acrylic for the back. The two layers were glued together with medium-strength acrylic glue (the water-based acrylic glue ended up not being strong enough). Getting the two pieces to set together was tricky – a small amount of the glue can be seen in the lettering, but it’s hard to see unless you’re really close.

Finished product. Used two colors of 1/8″ acrylic.

I originally wanted to do a lighter color for the top layer, but in retrospect I’m content with the dark green. There’s enough contrast in the two layers to make the text pop without the “inside” of the letters, and a lighter acrylic would likely not have shown the etched image as sharply as I wanted. Over all, I was really happy with the result, seeing as I have 0 experience with anything physical like this!

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