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Vinyl Sticker

The two layers from the dog picture.
To edit the layers of the picture, I had to convert the picture to an outline format in bitmap so I could trace the left foot because it blended in with the background.
After turning it to greyscale I could get the picture to look like this with the trace bitmap.
This is the original picture I used to make the sticker.

For the final sticker, I chose to make a sticker of my friends dog, to get the layers of the image I had to change the original picture to a greyscale version so Inkscape could find the color layers. Once Inkscape separated the layers, I had to edit the layers so I could bring back the leg and parts of the face that the Inkscape grouped together when it did the split. I added another layer to the sticker with my friend’s dogs name.

My griffin sticker was a seamoose. It was originally a seadeer but I had to turn the head to the side because I had the profile view of a seahorse, so I made the head of the dear into the profile view of a horse.

the blade I used wasn’t thick enough so I couldn’t peel the sticker of the griffin sticker well.

The logo sticker I chose to make was the SpaceX logo. I chose to keep a white background because the letters would be cut individually.

the grey is its own layer.
final logo sticker
final sticker

If I were to do it again, I would definitely change the font of “Pooper”, the spacing of the letters, and the background (its so awkward) and refine the edges.

Overall it was really fun to edit the images and play with the colors of the images.

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Name tag – Renuka Nannapaneni

This is the name tag I made during the lab section, I really liked the shape and the spacing of the letters.

After making the name tag during section and learning about the tools Inkscape offered, I started thinking about my design for the final piece.

I liked the idea of using a light source in the name tag so I started with the concept of a lightbulb and from there it grew into a space ship and my name flying into it. Once I started to create this in Inkscape, the idea began to change and form into something I thought was a bit more cohesive.

I started with the idea of using the filaments in a light bulb to write my name but I then decided there wasn’t enough space.

I struggled a bit with molding the filament to say what I wanted, and then I eventually ended up leaving the filament the way it was and changed the position of my name. This ended up better than I had imagined because I originally wanted to draw attention to the light/beam from the space ship.

This was the (somewhat) final version of the svg file. I wanted to have the option of being able to hang it if I wanted to, so I included a hole at the top.
This was the result of the original svg file. The letters weren’t thick enough so they didn’t get rastered properly.

Final version: After editing the letters to be thicker.

I really liked the lines from the raster from the Epilog machine (the Universal’s raster looked much more different – you can see in the previous version). I learned a lot about the tools in Inkscape and I look forward to learning more. If I were to do the project over, I would try to invert the image, so it would look like the sky was dark and the letters were actually the light.

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