Copper Tape Project

For my copper tape project I created a mothers day card. I wanted to include a silhouette of our family so I spent most of my time creating and editing my pictures on Inkscape. Using the silhouette as my inspiration as to wear to place my LED, I could tell that it was difficult to […]

Final Project

For the final project I chose to make a skirt for my mom. I chose to use linen for skirt so it was breathable in the summer, and I chose linen over cotton just so I wouldn’t have to add a slip layer if because most of the cotton fabrics were see through.  I found […]

Iteration Project – Overalls

For my iteration assignment I chose to make linen overalls with laser cut buttons. After reflecting on my previous sewing project, I wanted to start this one with measurement and pre-made patterns so there would be less guess work and alterations but I didn’t find any patterns that I could buy that I liked. So […]

PomBot – Renuka Nannapaneni

In lab section this week we learned how to control the servo motor with the Arduino board.  My idea was to get something moving and then create the creature around the movement. I wanted to have something along the lines of wheels so I created this. Originally, I had the connections to the motor in […]

Arduino – Renuka Nannapaneni

This week in class we learned to use Arduino boards. During lab we made an LED blink and hold light for different amounts of time and in different patterns.  For my project, I wanted to do a Ultrasonic sensor to sense someones distance from the board, and read simple signals from the sensor describing the […]

Sewing and Embroidery – Renuka Nannapaneni

In lab we made pouches and made a small embroidered design. From these projects I was introduced to how to set up the sewing machine for both embroidery and sewing purposes and how to change stitch pattern and order. When I went to start the final project I new I wanted to make something I […]

3D printing – Renuka Nannapaneni

I chose to model the bit of plastic used to turn a lamp on and off. I lost the knob to turn on the lamp that was given with my apartment furniture. To not loose my security deposit, I decided to print the knob. I needed to see precise measurements of how big the barrel […]

Vinyl Sticker

For the final sticker, I chose to make a sticker of my friends dog, to get the layers of the image I had to change the original picture to a greyscale version so Inkscape could find the color layers. Once Inkscape separated the layers, I had to edit the layers so I could bring back […]

Name tag – Renuka Nannapaneni

After making the name tag during section and learning about the tools Inkscape offered, I started thinking about my design for the final piece. I liked the idea of using a light source in the name tag so I started with the concept of a lightbulb and from there it grew into a space ship […]