Final Project: Smart Trash Picker

Where’s The Report? (It’s In an Attached PDF) My final project was on a “Smart Trash Picker,” and I have a short slide-deck explaining what that is, and you can view it here Fully built Smart Trash Picker   I wrote up my final report within a Google Doc, and aligning the images in that […]

Iteration Assignment: Nametag 2.0

Initial Design and Planning I wanted to redo my nametag for the iteration assignment ever since I found out I actually lasered the wrong side of the acrylic (which is why it was hard to see the raster design :/).  My initial nametag (the build process of which is given here) had the theme of […]

Pom Pom Bot Assignment

Initial Pom Pom Design After considering how different animals move, I initially decided to have my pom pom bot crawl along the ground–with 2 servos with popsicle sticks attached that would act as “arms” that dug into the ground and pulled the bot forward.  The bot would have regular cycles of the arms starting in […]

Sewing & Embroidery Assignment (Textiles)

In-Class Deliverables Drawstring Pouch I made the drawstring pouch during the first lab section of the Textiles block of the class, following along with the instructions given by Sara (lab instructor).  I wanted to have a pouch with reserved colors, so I picked the outer fabric to be a darker fabric with low-saturation patterns.  However, […]

3D Printing Assignment

Some Background (Trash is Bad) For the 3D printing assignment, I am printing a component I designed from scratch. Its function (allow a Pi Zero to be mounted a rod) may not be immediately apparent, but its part of a larger side-project I want to work on this semester. My overall goal is to make […]

Assignment 3: Copper Tape Circuits

Motivation & Design I was not planning to make a Star Wars pop-up card when I started this assignment. I initially planned to design a card around the slogan of the Washington Post, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” and use LEDs to illuminate the slogan when someone pressed the switch…trying to play on the “Darkness” part […]

Assignment 2: Silhouette Stickers

Motivation & Initial Design For the griffin design, I wanted to combine my favorite animal (bear) with something else but I couldn’t think of another animal that would combine well with a bear. So I decided to shift my thinking from what would combine well with a bear to what would a bear wear that […]

Storyboard Lecture Assignment

Our group chose the “Fork in the Road” Exploration Map App. We had an interesting discussion about how much the app would have an active or passive place in planning the trip. I favored a much more active approach, with the app generating a trip from start to finish, peppering in interesting activities along the […]

Assignment 1: Laser Name Tag

Motivation & Initial Design My first assignment for INFO 490 was to create a name tag in Inkscape and to print it using the Universal laser. With my name tag, I wanted to convey my affinity for computers and show the previous positions I’ve held (CS major at UIUC, going to be a SWE at […]

Mike Can Use WordPress

Wow, he’s so cool that he can make a new blog post for INFO 490. What a guy. Mike is from Hebron, IL…home of the 1952 IHSA Basketball State Champs (that’s all Hebron is really known for, besides a nice ice-cream shop called the Dari…the Hebron water tower was painted as a basketball to commemorate […]