Final Project

Question 1: For the final project, I created a press-fit constellations box powered by wireless inductive coils. Initially, I intended for the box to be powered by a solar panel circuit. But along the way I ran into some revelations and restrictions that led me to replace the intended solar panel circuit for a wireless […]

Iteration Assignment

For the iteration project, I drew inspiration from my name tag assignment and the Arduino labs. My name tag had a few elements that I wanted to expand on: the use of black tinted transparent acrylic and the skyline design. Initially, my concept was just to recreate the Sydney skyline and create a backdrop that […]

Locomoting Pom Pom Bot Assignment

For this week’s assignment, we worked with Arduino to create locomotive pom pom robots. In lab, we explored servo motors and played around with the servo example sweep code. We added a second servo and tinkered the code to gain a better understanding of the operations. We had a few minutes to change the delay, […]

Arduino Assignment

This week, we explored the program Arduino with resistors, an LED, breadboards, and Arduino Uno boards. In lab, we followed a straightforward step-by-step presentation in order to get the program and hardware to perform blinking. Then, we added aluminum foil to create a touch sensor and played around with resistance by manipulating the code. For […]

Sewing and Digital Embroidery Assignment

In lab, we learned how to use a sewing machine the first week and we all made small drawstring bags. We cut our fabrics, and followed sewing instructions step-by-step. I have never used a sewing machine before, but I have sewed by hand so I found it easy after initially learning how each part of […]

3D Print Assignment

For the 3d print scanning assignment, we used TinkerCAD to create an alien by playing around with the tools and features in the program and then transferring the file to MeshMixer where we played around with the tools and features there like the sculpting tool. In the second lab, we used iSense scanners and the […]

Copper Tape Paper Circuits Assignment

In lab, we created a pretty straight-forward, simple circuit with one battery, one LED light, copper tape, and a switch. This was useful in learning how to use all the materials. The copper tape was a bit difficult to manipulate but after a bit of struggling, I got the hang of it. After, we had […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

The first sticker I made was a griffin. I combined the wings of a butterfly and a koala. I used path difference to split the butterfly in half and unified the two silhouette images of the animals. Initially I chose two other animals (a kiwi and an elephant), but it didn’t turn out as I […]


During lecture, we got into small groups and decided on a prompt. My group chose the second prompt which was the interfaces for the inside of driverless cars. We drafted our initial storyboards and shared what we came up with. Everyone took a different approach. I decided to take a light-hearted one. My storyboard follows […]

Laser Name Tag

For the assignment, I downloaded Inkscape on my personal laptop so I could brainstorm and play around with design concepts. I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of traveling. I searched for shapes that were related to travel (airplanes, maps, skylines, etc.) and settled on an image of landmarks on a globe. I did […]