Final Project: Slide Puzzle

For my final project I made a slide puzzle utilizing my own artwork. The inspiration for it was that I wanted to meld my love for both games and art into one project and the slide puzzle to me felt like a good mix of those two interests. Question 1:             The first thing I […]

Pom Bots!

Initial Idea: My initial idea was to make a caterpillar like bot that moves by rapidly shaking back and forth. The design can be seen below. In terms of materials I wanted to use pipe cleaners for the bottom so it could grip onto the table and move. Then I would use paper, popsicle sticks and […]

Arduino Introduction Assignment

At the beginning of the assignment I wanted to make some kind of arduino using a motor as the output. My first idea that I wanted to try was using a touch sensor to control the speed of the motor. This theoretically would allow you to change the speed of the motor based on how […]

Textiles Assignment

Motivation: So my initial motivation for choosing my textile was it’s simplicity since I’m not very comfortable with textiles in general. Additionally I have a dog of my own so the shiba cube plushie was a pretty perfect fit as it was rather simple, while also connecting to something I care about.   Build Process: The […]

Mikey Dentino 3D Print Assignment

Motivation: I do a lot of digital art and as such I own a drawing tablet. However, I problem I had recently is I lost the holder for my pen. This means that most of the time my tablet pen is just sitting free on my table, which occasionally means I knock it onto the floor. […]

Mikey Dentino Copper Tape Assignment

Inspiration: My inspiration for this project was once again video games. I decided to base my design around the famous quote from Legend of Zelda “It is dangerous to go alone, take this”. Furthermore I loosely modeled my piece around the cave you get your sword in the very first Legend of Zelda game. Build Process: My build process was tricky at first but I slowly figured it out as I progressed. My initial idea was to have two red […]

Mikey Dentino Layered Sticker

Motivation: I knew at the very beginning of the assignment that I wanted to draw my own design. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted, but I ended up going with a cute design involving pancakes. The initial sketch can be seen below. Build Process: I took this sketch and polished the […]


For my storyboard or group decided on doing a touch screen cutting board. The cutting board would have recipes built in as well as having video overlays to help you cut things correctly without having move your eyes over to a different screen. In class I only got to setting up the problem, what I […]

Mikey Dentino Laser Name Tag

Motivation: My primary motivation for the design of my name tag was that I wanted to reflect my love for video games. Because of this I thought what better character to use than Kirby, which was the first game series I ever played. Build Process: I got my initial concept pretty quickly, so I first went into ClipStudioPaint (An art program I regularly use) and made the following image. After I created this outline I went into Inkscape to format it for the laser cutter. I ran into a couple issues while doing this, because initially what […]

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This is an example, so i don’t have much to say. Into the Spiderverse was cool, it had some good animation and some good dialogue.