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Mikey Dentino 3D Print Assignment

Motivation: I do a lot of digital art and as such I own a drawing tablet. However, I problem I had recently is I lost the holder for my pen. This means that most of the time my tablet pen is just sitting free on my table, which occasionally means I knock it onto the floor. Because of this I wanted to make a simple holder for my pen.


Build Process: I started by making a few 3D models in TinkerCAD, which can be seen below. 


While most pen holders orient the pen vertically, my designs revolve around holding the pen horizontally, I did this primarily because I wanted to make a holder that differed from the one i initially had. Out of these three designs I ultimately decided to go with the pyramid-shaped one. After I settled on this general design I wanted to make sure it’s dimensions would actually fit my pen, which to my surprise the measurements of the original design ended up being nearly perfect. 

After finishing the designs I went in to print out my object. The my initial print failed, the PLA was oddly bunching up on the printing nozzle, so we cleaned off the nozzle and started the print over again. The second time printing went smoothly and I was surprised the printer was able to accurately reproduce my model, specifically how well the semi-spheres on the corners turned out. The finished product can be seen below. (Ignore my mouse pad…you’re not a loser.)

Reflection: The design of my models was interesting as I had to keep in mind what the printer was capable of printing, which meant I had to adjust my designs accordingly. I also learned I to always double check the machine before printing, which would help me avoid the strange issue I ran into.

Even though my model turned out how I wanted it to and functions properly liked, if I had the time I would have liked to explore making the design slightly larger or even modifying the angle the pen was held. Also I fell like I played it pretty safe with my design as i picked a model that I was pretty positive would print with no issue. With this in mind maybe in the future I might try and test out designs that might not be able to print so I can better understand the limitations of 3D printing. 


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Mikey Dentino Copper Tape Assignment

Inspiration: My inspiration for this project was once again video games. I decided to base my design around the famous quote from Legend of Zelda “It is dangerous to go alone, take this”. Furthermore I loosely modeled my piece around the cave you get your sword in the very first Legend of Zelda game.

Build Process: My build process was tricky at first but I slowly figured it out as I progressed. My initial idea was to have two red lights behind a piece of paper to roughly simulate the light of a flame. To do this at first i setup the circuit as seen below.

While the circuit worked properly, I failed to take into account that I wanted the lights to be pointing up and on a wall. Every time I tried setting it up with the circuit in this fashion caused the lights to turn off because the battery would slide out of place. To fix this I first rough out my overall scene and then translated the circuit to that new shape.

After I fixed this problem the rest of the build process went quite smoothly. I folded another piece of white paper over the circuits to create the flame light effect of the lights. After that I created a small sword out of construction paper and made another circuit on the flat sheet of construction paper using one light and a switch. The final product with the light on and and off can be seen below.

Reflection: Overall I think the piece turned out pretty well. Through the build process I learned i should test out my final product shape first before I start building because in this instance I had to almost completely redo my circuit because I didn’t take the final shape into account. Also In terms of what I’d do differently in this project specifically is find a darker color paper for the walls to make the light stand out even more and to reflect the scene that inspired me more closely.

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Mikey Dentino Layered Sticker

Motivation: I knew at the very beginning of the assignment that I wanted to draw my own design. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted, but I ended up going with a cute design involving pancakes. The initial sketch can be seen below.

Build Process: I took this sketch and polished the line art and laid out how the sticker would eventually look. This can be seen in the below image.

While I would have loved to make a version that was fully shaded, I went with more simplistic coloring. The reason I did this is because I didn’t want to have a sticker with a ridiculous amount of layers and because I wanted to keep in mind that the selection of vinyl colors would be somewhat limited.

I then transferred this design into Inkscape to separate into separate layers for the sticker. Unlike the last project I had little problem getting my desired image to transfer into Inkscape bitmapping. I made the bitmaps the same general shape to make it easier for me to keep track of and at the end made it far simpler putting the sticker together. The bitmaps can be seen in the below image.

The only big-ish issue I had during the whole assignment was during printing, where on fortunately a small portion of my sticker was cut off. So in the future I should try to be more careful with laying out my vinyl and finding vinyl squares that aren’t irregularly shaped, which was my main problem. However the cut off portion didn’t have a meaningful impact on the overall piece.

The only other problem I had was not having the layers placed perfectly on top of each other so there is some bleed over of other colors. However, being a human made it hard to lay everything perfectly. Thankfully this bleed over doesn’t ruin the design and in my mind the sticker looks how I wanted it too. The final sticker can be seen below.

Reflection: Overall I really enjoyed the process of this assignment as it let me go off in whatever direction I wanted. If I make another layered sticker I might look into doing designs with more shading, which might require me to go out and find an even wider selection of vinyl colors I had for this project. Lastly in the future just keeping in mind any printing errors that might come up so the final product isn’t affected at all.

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For my storyboard or group decided on doing a touch screen cutting board. The cutting board would have recipes built in as well as having video overlays to help you cut things correctly without having move your eyes over to a different screen. In class I only got to setting up the problem, what I added was how the touch screen cutting board works.

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Mikey Dentino Laser Name Tag

Motivation: My primary motivation for the design of my name tag was that I wanted to reflect my love for video games. Because of this I thought what better character to use than Kirby, which was the first game series I ever played.

Build Process: I got my initial concept pretty quickly, so I first went into ClipStudioPaint (An art program I regularly use) and made the following image.

The font I used was a font similar to the one used in the Kirby games so it could fit the overall theme of the peice.

After I created this outline I went into Inkscape to format it for the laser cutter. I ran into a couple issues while doing this, because initially what I wanted to do was to have the name tag in the shape of Kirby’s outline. However after almost an hour of struggling in Inkscape I decided to change the shape of the name tag to an oval. The shape can be seen below.

After I cut out the wood I knew I wanted to add some kind of fluff or fuzz to the hat, to reflect how it looks in the game. As you can see I ended up taking a small ball of fluff and glued it to the wood where the end of the hat would be. I also tried adding fluff to other parts of the hat, however when i laid it out it ended up covering up parts of my name. The only problem I ended up having was I might have applied too much glue since the fluff ball in my final product isn’t as fluffy as I would have ultimately liked it. I thought the name tag still looked kinda of bland so I ended up adding color to make the name tag pop out more. This can be seen in the final product below.

I decided to make the oval completely black since I wanted the focus of the name tag to be on the sleepy Kirby. Finally I used some colored pencil to add color to Kirby, reflecting his in game colors as closely as I could. Unfortunately I had a few mishaps during this process as you can see with small smudge outside one of the eyes and some ink bleeding out of the letters.

Reflection: Overall I’m happy with how my name tag turned out even though it deviated slightly from my original idea. In the future I want to prevent little mishaps like the ink smudging, potentially by using pencil throughout or trying out paint. Also I might be interesting to look into other ways to adhere different materials together.

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