Final Project

Question 1: Initially when rereading my assignment write-ups, I was impressed that for pretty much every project I ended up with something close to what I originally wanted/envisioned.  When I read the posts, I remembered that there were always small changes, problems, and surprises along the way.  Dealing with these issues was usually not an extremely […]

Iteration Project

For the iteration assignment, I decided to take a new approach to the coper tape circuit project.  For the initial project, I constructed an origami rabbit that lit up when you pressed its ear.   This time I kept some of the elements – a boxy shape and an origami animal – but the box was […]

Arduino Pom-Pom Bot

This week we used Arduino and 180-degree servo motors to construct moving robots.   Initial Concept/Design I wanted to start out with a relatively simple design and make a pom-pom bot using two servos.  My original idea was to attach the motors opposite each other, and place popsicle stick legs onto the motors.  This way the […]

Arduino Introduction

This week we learned about Arduino.  I was looking forward to this lesson as I heard Arduino mentioned a lot, but had only a vague idea of what it would be like to interact with it.  Using Arduino in the lab was fairly straightforward with the help of the instructional powerpoint.  Like working with the […]

Soft Circuit

The past two weeks we’ve had an introduction to embroidery, sewing, and e-textiles.  My first in-class embroidery was a simple bear image I found online.  While threading the machine was a bit intimidating at first, I became more confident after having to swap colors in and out a few times.  Similar to using the laser […]

3D Design, Scanning, and Printing

This week we explored 3D design through organic and geometric modeling and 3D scanning and printing.  For my geometric model, I used TinkerCAD to explore the second prompt (flatware or dish).  Almost every morning I decide if I’ll bring a water bottle, mug of coffee/tea, or both to my destination, and this gave me the […]

Copper Tape Circuit Assignment

This week’s project required more tinkering and outside research than previous weeks.  Unlike the projects where we submitted our designs to a machine (making stickers or using the laser cutter), I knew pretty quickly whether or not my idea worked as intended, and I could make small adjustments until it did.  We learned the basics […]

Project #2 – Stickers

This week we made three sticker designs.  The first one was a combination of 2+ animals, and this process was fairly straightforward with the trace tools in Inkscape and Silhouette Studio.  For my next design, I was searching for inspiration and came across this sticker design by artist Steven Realica which I found very attractive.  I […]

Example Final Project – Jesse Zhang

At the beginning of the project, I thought this would be a breeze since I have an instructable with detailed instructions. So, I got to work spending first few days familiarizing myself with the detailed control of the servos – the same ones used with the pom-pom bot – instead of using Servo.write, a common […]

Example Final Project – Namitha Somayaji

Reflection: I liked how my experience with this project was very hands-on and interactive. Obviously this class is a hands-on class but up until now, we’ve been doing projects that we’ve been told to do. I think this project opened a lot of doors for me in terms of how I used the Fab Lab and how I will use the Fab Lab […]

Example Final Project – Mamoru O’Hara

My project was to create a prosthetic hand using the Myo Armband as the method of control. I had a few learning objectives with this, and that is to learn more about 3D printing, being comfortable with new technology, and understanding the limits of modern consumer grade products that could potentially be used for cheaper […]

Example Final Project – Piotr Cudzich

Multichannel Weatherproof Amplifier This project was quite difficult and complicated. I knew it would be; however, I didn’t anticipate how much time and effort would be needed to complete what I initially wanted to create. I wanted to create a multiple channel/multiple speaker amplifier-mixer combo and make it weatherproof. This would be for my dad that has […]