final project

For my final project I chose to create a card holder for the card game, Dominion. I chose this project because I wanted to learn how to work with a new material (mainly wood), and I wanted something sophisticated and useful in the future. I began by looking up what other people created as card […]

project #8 : iteration

This week we worked on iterating a previous project. I chose to work on the first project – the laser name tag – because it was the simplest one and I wanted to add all the cool things we learned in class onto it.  The picture above was my original name tag. I really liked […]

Project #7 – pom pom bots

This week we worked on creating our pom-pom bots!  We needed to use Arduinos again, which I was pretty unexcited about. However, I felt more comfortable this week because I got to experiment with a couple sensors last week. It was also a lot more interesting since we needed to create a physical object that […]

Project #5 e-textiles

This week we worked on mixing in soft-circuits with e-textiles. I was excited for this week since my older sister used to do a lot of sewing but I was too young at the time to touch the sewing machine so I could only watch. I originally wanted a lot of embroidery, especially after our […]

project 4 – 3D printing

I am always looking for small ways help contribute to green awareness, so the first thing that popped into my mind when we first started talking about 3-D printing was “how can I use this project to raise awareness about the environment, but still answer the prompts”? I ended up choosing the flatware prompt, since […]

Assignment 3 – copper tape circuits

For the third assignment we had to make copper tape circuits. This assignment was pretty different from the past two assignments since it was a lot of hands on / touching, whereas in the previous projects the main bulk of the work was done through a computer software. I was looking forward to this project […]

Project 2 – Vinyl Stickers

For the second assignment we made vinyl stickers. I was really excited to make laptop stickers since I had seen so many other people with really cool, unique design stickers and I never knew where they got them. The first time I used the sticker cutter I intimidated by the loud cutting noises. It was […]

Project 1 – Laser Name Tag

The goal of this project was to make a nametag that reflects your personality / creativity. I am a huge fan of animals, jokes and anything cute, so I thought some sort of animal shaped name tag would reflect this the best.  The design portion of this project took the longest. It was hard to […]