Holly Situ – 3D Printing

  These are the alien and castle it lives in, as result of the class activity. I haven’t used Tinkercad before, but I have created/ moved stuff in 3d spaces before in games. It was a little tricky to get the hang of the navigation and things took a little longer than I would like but […]

Holly Situ – Paper Circuits

This assignment was quite difficult for me and took me over 7 hours at fab lab and two tries to complete it. I ended up with 2 out of 3 LEDs lit up, and the battery pack was working occasionally. Overall I learned a lot about circuits and LEDS, there was a bit of a […]

Holly – Cat Cone Vinyl Sticker

I had an idea to utilize negative space for the multi-layered vinyl sticker, so I went hunting for potential designs. I ended up getting inspired by a cute design with melting cat shaped ice cream and started designing. I wanted to print them all in one go, even though I needed four colors, so I […]

Holly’s Name Tag

I was excited about working with a laser cutter since I haven’t created anything with it yet. The demo name tag of the Great Wave I made during class was smaller than I’d like, with complex details and the burnt edges of the cut out name was hard to read. At first, I wanted to […]