Final Project – Smart Carhole

Question 1: My final project was to make a smart garage door controller so I could check if I had remembered to close the garage door, and if not, I could close it remotely. A lot of the programming and development started with a setup like this: This was what allowed me to test my […]

Iteration Assignment

For my iteration assignment I decided to revisit the arduino Input/Output project. Previously I had used a current sensor to measure the current through an LED to determine the right resistor needed for a particular brightness. I had used these sensors in the past, so I wanted to try a project with a sensor I […]

Arduino Locomotion

After last class where we worked with arduinos and sensors, we then moved to using servos with the arduino to make things move. The in-class assignment was to use a single servo to animate something. My thought was to use the materials at hand to create a kind of “boogie bot”. The idea was the […]

Arduino Assignment: LED resistor finder

For my the arduino assignment in class, we first worked on creating a simple blink circuit. This was accomplished by connecting an LED to a digital pin, and ground (but through a resistor of course). This allowed us to set the pin we chose to HIGH to send 5v to the LED, and set it […]

Bat Batman Plushie…or is it Batman Bat Plushie…

Whatever the name, we’ll get to that in a bit. Our foray into textiles started with learning how to use the sewing machines, how to turn using them, and how to do applique. The results¬† were as follows: From there we started on making a drawstring bag by following a pattern. With the help of […]

Assignment #4 3D printing and Scanning

To start this section, we first made our dream castle/fortress in order to get familiar with Tinkercad. So for me, I decided to make a fortress similar to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and make it crystal-esque. We then looked at using MeshMixer for more organic shapes, and we made an alien-type resident for our castle. […]

May the 4th be with you! (Paper circuit assignment)

In class, we started by making a simple paper circuit: And then we went into trying to make something more creative by incorporating a quote. In my case, the quote was “You may think your light is small, but it can make a huge difference in other people’s lives”. My idea to illustrate this was […]

Snowball from Overwatch (Vinyl Sticker)

In my free time, I spend it playing a video game called Overwatch. One of the characters (Mei) has a little helper robot called snowball. I wanted to have an Overwatch sticket, so I thought to make my own! All of the pictures I found all had a fair amount of shading (as is seen […]

Gianni Pezzarossi – Linux Name Tag

Design and Planning: For my name tag, I wanted to pick something that not only would represent me, but that I could actually use in my day-to-day life. When I’m not in classes, I am a full-time Linux Systems Administrator for the University’s College of Engineering. As such, I was thought I’d make the name […]