Final Project – Grant Johnson

Q1: For my final project I decided to construct a Bluetooth speaker. Some challenges I faced during this project include: Part shopping for the proper parts that would all work together and create a decent sound. Learning how to solder and using it to help add security to the internal wiring of the speaker. Figuring […]

Textiles – Grant Johnson

During these weeks in lab we worked with textiles, sewing, and embroidery. I happened to also be in a fashion class this semester, so I was excited to get the opportunity to learn some new things that could add to my clothing construction repertoire. I’ve also never been around embroidery machines before, so that was […]

Iteration Assignment – Grant Johnson

For this assignment I decided to take a whack at combining what I learned from the name tag assignment and the Arduino assignments and create a little ‘light show machine’. The plan for this creation is to combine more complex woodcut patterns with motors, LEDs, and an Arduino to make an object that spins the […]

Arduino Introduction – Grant Johnson

Build Process For this week, we began working with Arduino’s and attachments, to make cool stuff and little robots. For my invention, I decided to create a fan that turns on when a certain temperature threshold is met, and turns off when that temperature goes back down. You may be thinking, “Wow, this sounds a […]

Pom Bots – Grant Johnson

Build Process For this project, we were tasked with something that seemed somewhat monumental at first – making a moving robot using Arduino. Having had some experience with  Arduino in the past, I knew that this was surely possible, but I had actually used wheels attached to 360 degree servos in the past, so using […]

3D Printing & Scanning – Grant Johnson

Before Building Before working on my final piece for this assignment, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of different tools/platform in order to try and create well designed, 3d printable models. These various methods of developing models had their pros and cons — using iPads and scanners didn’t work very well, but […]

Copper Tape Paper Circuit Project – Grant Johnson

Build Process Through our initial introduction to circuits and some prior knowledge, I was presented with a pretty wide variety of possibilities for a final product for this assignment. As per usual, my initial idea was more complicated than feasible — I wanted to use a person’s finger to complete the circuit in order to […]

Multi-layer Sticker Project – Grant Johnson

Build Process The initial stickers I created for this project helped push me in the direction of my final product in a major way. Experimenting with images that were more complicated than a simple shape or silhouette proved difficult and made me decide that I would take simple shapes to make a greater image. I […]

Storyboard Assignment – Grant Johnson

First Attempt For this assignment I decided to tackle the challenge of designing an app for the Fab Lab. My first storyboard was very simple and somewhat vague. After creating it and letting other people look at it I realized that I needed to be more clear in the functions and concepts I was trying […]

Laser Name Tag Project – Grant Johnson

Build Process Most of the initial design for this project I was able to do within lab on the first day. After being introduced to Inkscape, I was able to take some elements from various icons online and create a design that incorporated both my name and two images. For the first print-out, I just […]