Daniel Shin – Final Project

Final Project For my final project, I decided to design a stylized room in 3D using a program called Blender. Then, I recreated the room in real life using most of the tools I have learned to use in this course. First, I made these two 3D models. The first one represents what each object […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 8: Iteration

For the iteration project, I decided to iterate upon the sculpture I made on the 3d printing session. Some difficulties I had with the 3d printing project was that it was difficult to salvage all the small details from a complicated object. Therefore, I decided to simplify the 3d printed object and combine it with […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 7: Pom Bots

This week, I learned how to use a servo motor with Arduino to create objects moving in loops. In class, I made a paper bunny with waving ears to practice the use of the servo motor. The main issue to the design was that the moving ear had to be on a different layer than […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 6: Arduino Introduction

This week, we learned how to use Arduino and programming to produce the desired output, depending on the input.   Motive Within the default kit, there was an ultrasonic device that calculates the distance to an obstacle. When I saw this device, I remembered how these devices were used in cars to let the driver […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 5: Textiles

The above images are the images of the drawstring pouch and the embroidery I made during class. This was my first time learning any textile related skills, so it was great practice for my upcoming project.   Motive I decided to make an otter plushie out of the pre-approved patterns. I planned to place it […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 4: 3D Printing

In class, I learned how to use ThinkerCAD and Meshmixer to create models and edit them. Here are the models I created using these tools: On the following week, I learned how to use an iPad app and Kinect to 3d scan objects/people. With these newly acquired skills, I was ready to move on to […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 3: Copper Tape Circuits

Motive Since I have no talent for making stuff with my hands, I figured it is best to have a simple design so I can focus on developing my skills in circuit building. Using 3 LED lights in a parallel circuit with a pop up for each one was an ideal design for me. I […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 2: Vinyl Stickers

Motive Since I am a fan of the recent movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” I decided to make a sticker of the main character from that movie. To further complicate my design, I added the arch reactor of iron man on his chest.   Design process I took a screenshot of spider-man directly from the […]

Daniel Shin – Assignment 1: Laser Name Tags

Motive & Initial Design At first, I thought the name tag is a boring topic to work with. I wondered how I would be able to make a name tag to be something interesting and useful at the same time. During the lab section, I heard one of the instructors mentioning the word “maze,” and […]