Iteration Assignment Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Designs: Looking at the Original I decided to revisit my Copper Tape project since I had a bit of trouble originally completing the structure and getting the circuit to work, as the copper tape is very difficult to get working in series due to limited voltage. link to the original project video […]

Locamoting Pom Pom Robots Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Design: Instead of doing something that mimicked walking, as seemed the case for most others, I decided to work with something more mechanical instead. Now, obviously wheels and propellers were out of the question, since the servo could only rotate 180 degrees at most. Instead, I happened upon the idea of a […]

Sewing and Digital Embroidery Project – David He (WIP)

(This Post is currently a WIP, documenting my progress on the project so far) Drawstring Bag (in-class) Embroidered Design (in-class) Motivation and Initial Design I went with a plushie design for this assignment, primarily as a present to my younger sister. Although I initially decided to go with a Pikachu plushie design, after some consultation […]

3D Printing Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Design: I like to work on plastic models as one of my hobbies. I started around junior year of high school, working on plastic models of Gundam Mechs (often known as ‘Gunpla’ – a portmanteau of ‘Gundam’ and ‘Plastic Model’). While their size is often small (the most common ones stand at […]

Copper Tape Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Designs Making the Paper Template Let me first preface this by stating that the build is not 100% complete. And yes, my overambition was absolutely to blame. I wanted to make a paper model of one of my favorite aircraft – the ADF-01 Falken from the Ace Combat game series (shown below) The ADF-01 Falken Designing the basic […]

Layered Sticker Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Designs Choosing the Design While I initially decided to use the design I had set aside from last week (seen below), I quickly realized that converting it to a vinyl sticker would take 7 layers, all of which had to be different shade of the same color since I intended for it to be monochromatic. […]

Laser Name Tag Project – David He

Motivation and Initial Designs Part I – The Icon For this project, I decided to design a custom icon. I wanted to display my specialty, which was the ability to fuse two elements from different franchises and backgrounds into one design. I feel there is often synergy to be found in the most unusual pairs, and I’m always […]

Example Assignment Submission – David He

‘Testing, testing. Is this thing on? Can you see this? Sweet, good to know some things are still working.’ ‘The name’s David, David He. Probably one of the most generic Asian-American names you’ll ever hear, and trust me, I’m don’t exactly subvert anyone’s expectations when it comes to that. Maybe that’s why the guys up […]