Final Project – Charis Ryu

Question 1 I made a cat(pet) house for my final project. First, I made a comfortable bed that goes inside the house with a blanket and sewing machine. Then, I made the house with baltic birch wood and power tools (Neil helped me with the tools).  The biggest challenge I faced was wood kerfing. I […]

Iteration Project – iPad Pouch/Clutch

 I created a pouch for my iPad and other belongings for the iteration assignment.    For the previous sewing/textile assignment, I made a tiny box pouch. The reason I decided this assignment for the iteration is because I found the making process very enjoyable and wanted to make a different type of object with different […]

Pom Bot – Charis Ryu

In-class: one motor bot I created a cat bot with a wagging tail with a servo motor for the in-class project. I used a cardboard tube for the body and attached the motor inside the tube. Then, I created the bot’s face with a plastic lid and tail with wires, covering them with brown nonwovens. […]

Scheduled Brightness Adjusting Lamp Prototype – Charis Ryu

For this assignment, I created a prototype of a touch lamp that has the functionality that allows the user to schedule and automatically adjust the brightness based on the current time, based on their lifestyle. For example, there is a user who studies everyday 6-9pm, reads book/get ready to go to bed 9-12am, and sleep […]

Textile Project – Box Pouch

Drawstring Bag Above is the drawstring bag I made during the first lab section. There were two orange drawstrings (ribbon strings) originally used, but I wanted to find better drawstrings that is better to use than ribbon strings.   Embroidery  Above is the embroidery that I have created during the second lab section. I used […]

Charis Ryu 3D Printing

Alien/Alien Castle (Tinkercad, Meshmixer) The image on the left is the alien castle I created with Tinkercad and Meshmixer. I imagined the castle having a very simple design with the ring floating around the pole, which could be a signal machine for them to interact and communicate with other aliens. The right image is what […]

Charis Ryu Paper Circuits

Fish Bowl Paper Circuit   Outcome   Process I created a fish bowl paper circuits with the LED lights as bubbles from the mouths of the fishes. I used purple and yellow LEDs, two resistors, and two parallel circuits of the LEDs with same color. I used two batteries with total of 6V.  Designing and […]

Multi-layer Octopus Ice Cream Sticker

Octopus Ice Cream Sticker   I created a cute octopus ice cream cone sticker with Silhouette Studio and sticker cutter.       First, I designed the octopus ice cream using Inkscape. I made each colored section/part of the ice cream separate layers so that I can cut them out separately. Below is my design and […]

Black Acrylic Name Tag

  I made a circular name tag with my name on the bottom with one of my favorite fonts, two cocktails with the drinks, inner part of the glasses, cut out, and a moon engraved on the black acrylic. Below is my design.   I used different shapes of gray to engrave the moon, table, […]