Makeathon: Accessible Design

I participated in the Accessible Design Makeathon in place of the iteration assignment and joined Team Solestice from Vishal’s class. Our goal was to create an attachable shoe tread that could be used to travel in a variety of terrains. The tread would be lightweight and one that prosthetics users could use to walk around […]

Final Project Proposal: Nature Themed Infinity Mirror

For the final project I would like to make a nature themed infinity mirror which can be hung on a wall and will create an illusion that makes the mirror seem to have a deeper field of depth. My interest in doing this project was inspired by instructables I watched and the upcoming Champaign-Urbana Immersion […]

Pom-Pom Bee Bot

For this Assignment I started off by drawing an initial concept/design on paper. In this initial design I wanted to have the motors held together with a rubber band and have the motor attachments act as feet which was inspired by the way penguins walk. My goal with this design was to use jerking motions […]

Arduino 1 Project

In class for this assignment we programmed LED lights using an Arduino UNO. This in class exercise really helped me better understand the process and I was able to make the lights blink S.O.S. in Morse code. Having the code already written really helped this part go smoothly. For the storyboard assignment I looked at […]

Textiles Assignment

In class for the in class assignment’s I made a small floral pouch and multi color floral patch. The pouch wasn’t too difficult although I did have to use seam-rippers to fix the pouch string opening. Getting the floral design to work was really frustrating because I had to delete a lot of spots and […]

3D Printing Project: Headphone Hook

For the 3-D design learning part of the class we started learning TinkerCAD and Sculptris in class by making a monster and 3-D scanning our faces. Some other designs I made as rough drafts during the first week included replicating Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist” using TinkerCAD, making a Fasching mask as a cultural artifact using Sculptris, […]

Cooper Tape: Paper Circuit Assignment

Paper switch Template For this paper circuit I used a red LED and it worked great. Doing this project in class helped me understand the way circuits work with energy flow and how to use cooper tape. Quote Paper Circuit For this one I was able to get two of the LED lights to work, […]

Storyboarding Assignment

For this project my group decided to create a design for an innovative studying tool. This study tool would use a fake skeleton, and the touch screen spray that was discussed in class to allow students to touch a part of the body and learn what it was and how it works. This would benefit […]

Vinyl Sticker Assignment

For this project I began by making my griffin sticker in class. Using Inkscape I combined an opossum and a bunny. We ran out of time in class to make our logo designs so I didn’t end up physically making one. I felt like I understood what I was doing in class on Inkscape, but […]

Jennifer’s Name Tag

For the name tag assignment I decided to use 1/16th two toned acrylic. Upon reflection I should’ve used a thicker material as you can see in the third photo the edge bent due to the heat from the laser cutter. The magnetic backing was really good and sturdy as a opposed to a clip or […]