Final Project- Cherry Neopixel Epoxy Multi-Lamp

Question 1:  For this project, I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and dive into a project I had seen created on YouTube using Epoxy resin and solid wood. The challenges in this project were the wood cutting, utilizing the router table, and pouring the Epoxy resin. I had never used wood […]

Christian Amato Iteration Assignment

For this assignment, I was inspired by Emilie’s idea that she was going to make a lit-up acrylic sign in layers using neo-pixels and a 3D base. I decided I wanted to go one step further and add an ultrasonic sensor to the front of the base to light up the sign based upon the […]

Pom Bot- Christian Amato

This week we learned how to program Arduinos and use them to operate inputs and outputs further than the previous week.  In class, I created this squirrel with a wagging tail by manipulating the delay sequences in the Arduino itself. I was pretty impressed with the overall result, considering it only took me the class […]

Arduino Project

For this project, in class, we were taught the basics of Arduino, a product I have seen many times online before but have never actually used it.  It was a quick introduction to using an LED to light upon a breadboard using a connective circuit utilizing aluminum foil. It was quick and easy and interesting […]

Textiles- Red Panda Plushie

These past two weeks we were introduced to the basics of sewing and embroidery. I have never operated a sewing machine in my life and thought that it would be a tough thing to maneuver but I was pleasantly surprised when I began to get the hang of it. In the first lab section, I […]

3D Printing

In class, we began by being introduced to TinkerCad and MeshMixer and were asked to create a fortress and a person that would be in that fortress. This was what I came up with. Then I exported the creature into MeshMixer and played around with it from there, learning how to use the tools properly. […]

Paper Circuit- Christian Amato

In class, we began by creating a simple paper circuit. I do not have an image of the completed project, but it was a simple circuit square that powered one LED light using a watch battery. From there, we transitioned from a circuit in series to one in parallel. This part of the project proved […]

Christian Amato- Vinyl Stickers

For this project, I began by creating a one layer vinyl sticker which combined two animals. The front of the animal was a Lion and the rear was a bear. I used the pinpoint feature in Inkscape to make sure all the lines were lined up nicely and the animal had a rear portion that […]

Christian Amato Nametag

For my nametag project, I really wanted to put something together that was unique and utilized both rastering and vectoring well and efficiently. Ideation Phase My ideas for the project stemmed mainly from my interests and hobbies. In the beginning lecture with Duncan, he suggested we all play around with an animal silhouette, which led […]