Brandon Steinman – rPi Spotify remote

My project was a remote for Spotify that uses a Raspberry Pi! Here’s a video and some pictures: The most difficult parts of this project were getting my app to properly authenticate with Spotify’s API (their process is a little weird) and also creating a full program that combined objects from different […]

Iteration Project

For my iteration project, I decided to improve on my sticker project. When I left off with it, it was pretty rough around the edges, and since it was my first attempt, my sticker suffered from having trouble correctly visualizing what the end product would be. In order to fix my original, I did a […]

Locomotion Pom Bot

This week, I tried to build a machine powered by an arduino and two servos that would walk. My initial design had two servos tightly rubber banded together, with popsicle sticks glued onto the mounts. I did a lot of experimentation with getting it to move differently by changing the rates and timings of turning […]

Plushie – Brandon Steinman

I feel I’ve reached a stage close enough to completion to make this post. I decided to challenge myself and make a plushie for this project. Initially, what was most difficult was making clean and tight cuts in the fabric. My efforts there were met with mixed success, and some parts of the plushie […]

Arduino Intro project – Brandon Steinman

For the storyboard portion, I thought about a few different IoT ideas that have been going through my head for a while. I’ve been thinking about doing a final project with kubernetes running on Raspberry Pis/Arduinos to accomplish some complicated task. The one I’ve been thinking about was for creating a music visualizer that ran […]

3D Print: Brandon Steinman

My goals for this project were to learn more about 3D printing/scanning and 3D modelling software (namely, blender, since I’ve been wanting to learn it for a long time). As for the work I put in during class time towards learning these, this is what I have to show: A tinkercad castle, and A 3D […]

Copper Tape Circuit – Brandon Steinman

I started by lining the fuselage with the main +/- leads. I also aimed to use a fold inside the fuselage to prevent the battery from falling backward. I had to tape portions of the leads to prevent current from flowing between them and closing the circuit early, before reaching the LEDs. Next, I laid […]

Vinyl Sticker – Brandon Steinman

Originally, I wanted to replace an old sticker that I’d had on my bike years ago, but with some creative license taken (obviously). In short, the end product was not what I was looking for, and I’ll be making edits and trying again sometime in the near future. I messed up the sticker by mistaking […]

Laser Name tag – Brandon Steinman

I started out with intentions to create a business-like nametag that made use of negative space and maybe with multiple layers. These goals required some exploration into inkscape. I had to figure out how to invert image shadings, toy around with bitmap tracing to get the network to look right and to get the negative […]