Final Project

For my final project, I made a real life Minecraft Redstone simulator. It includes lamps, redstone torches, and various redstone path blocks. When placed in the board according to Minecraft’s rules, the torch can power the lamp using the redstone as wires. Overall, I think it turned out well. I’m especially happy that I was […]

Iteration Project

Planning I decided to iterate my pombot from last week. I had made a skiing robot that pushed itself along on fork ski poles: My plan for iteration had two parts. First, I wanted to add an ultrasonic sensor. The whole point of the robot is locomotion, which it can’t do if there is a […]

Skiing Pom Bot

In class      This week we got to make little robots, which was very fun. We had class on Halloween, so I decided to make a little ghost. I glued a popsicle stick to a servo and glued that into the cup so that it looked like it was waving. While working on it, […]

Arduino Storyboard

In class This week we started working with Arduinos. I already have a bit of experience with them, so I had no trouble setting up the led circuits and making them blink SOS:   However, the capacitive touch sensor gave me a bit of trouble. I got it to work for awhile, and then it […]

Sewing Project

In class: The first week, I got to work with a sewing machine for the first time. Because of some difficulties with how it was set up I had trouble at first. Maxx was able to fix whatever was wrong and I got some practice sewing straight lines as well as curves. After that we […]

Allison Quinlan 3D Printing

Castle and Alien My first dealings with 3D modelling went pretty smoothly. We were supposed to create a castle and an alien in Tinkercad. I played around with making holes for the windows and doors with different shapes and tried my best to get all the pieces flush with each other in the way I […]

Paper Circuits

Project 1: The first project was rather straightforward, but it was good practice at using the copper tape and making mitered corners.  I did have a bit of trouble getting it to light up at first. After some thinking I realized the battery was facing the wrong way, and it lit up fine:   Project […]

Robot Sticker

Since the prompt says to make something original, I was inspired to use the image of something I had a hand in building in the first place. My sticker is the image of the first robot I built with my team in high school, Talos: Build Process: I was able to find a picture of […]

Laser Nametag

For my name tag, I wanted to do something fun and related to a fandom I like. After going through a couple of ideas, I decided make mine themed on the book/show Good Omens. Design and Build Process Initially, I had lots of different ideas floating around in my head, but none of them were […]