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It’s a pun.


My brother, Stewart, is currently obsessed with 2 things: scripture & stickers. So I figured I’d combine the 2. The name of the ship is his current favorite scripture found in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It happens to be about stewardship….. Get it?

5 layers with black at the back because the pieces would be tiniest. Then grey, then blue, then silver, then white. But to be honest, a few of the white pieces were so tiny that the machine botched them so I jimmyrigged it with a pair of scissors.

I traced the bitmap with the color separating method, decreased the number of layers, did a bunch of group, ungrouping, & tweaked some nodes.

I’m proudest of the scripture. At first I tried to cut the scripture out of the top four layers to show through to the bottom but I couldn’t get the words to line up perfectly. & then it occurred to me— I only needed to cut the words out of the top layer & could just cut a rectangle out of every layer beneath! Life saver.

If I were to do it again, I’d make the whole thing bigger so the pieces weren’t beastly & fix the hole in the P. I’d also be less ambitious. You see, I designed a key & an equals sign to go with it because Stewardship is Key…. but didn’t have time to print them….

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Story Cache

The prompt: Create a story board for an app that will encourage exploration.

The thought process: If people want to explore, they already have plenty of google searches & online resources to give them suggestions. One resource that encourages people to explore is geocaching. So I took the model of searching for a treasure, finding treasure, & leaving treasures. But where geocaching using knick-knacks as treasures, I used stories instead.

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A Name on a Tag

I begin most everything with a braindump. This time the prompt was “me” since our tags are supposed to represent ourselves. From this brain dump, I determined that I wanted something that appeared to be professional and pretty, but was secretly fun & mischievous. So, drawing inspiration from one of my brother’s favorite ties, I determined to create my name with negative space on top of a pattern that would look benign from far away but like little monsters up close.

A cursory internet search didn’t reveal any monsters I loved so I used the shape, merge, & curve drawing features to create a little monster that I copied, rotated, merged together, & then dragged & dropped the little guys into a pattern. It took awhile, but the carnage didn’t begin until I tried to print.

The first time I tried to print, the laser didn’t cut through so I thought something must be wrong with my vector & redrew it twice. But since I was now working with pdf, I couldn’t erase my vector & ended with 3…..

The second time my rastor didn’t even happen & my triple vector lines caused my tag to melt. When I realized my settings were off, I also I realized that that was most likely the issue the first time as well. So I adjusted my settings & got the following result:

The triple vector left it a little curled so I stuck it under hot water & bent it as straight as I could.

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