Final Project Reflection

For my final project, I was inspired by a pokéball-themed Nintendo Switch cartridge case that I found on YouTube.  My initial idea was to make six pokéballs and case/stand based on the recovery machine in pokémon centers. After considering the amount of time needed to complete the project, I cut the number of pokéballs to […]

Iteration Assignment

For this assignment, we were tasked with taking an assignment we completed earlier in the semester, and either making improvements to it, incorporating skills from other previous assignments, or creating something entirely new from the original concept, incorporating new skills as well.  It was also recommended to incorporate tools/skills that we have not used yet.  […]

Arduino 2: Locomoting Bots

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating a robot using Arduino with the capability of moving in a specific direction.  We were allowed to make anything, so long as it moves. I decided to model my robot after a dog, since I like dogs, and planned to have its legs move individually in a […]

Arduino 1: LED and Sensors

This week in lab, we began to use Arduino.  As someone who has never used an Arduino device or the software, it was an interesting project.  I do have a slight background in coding, but I only know a few basic things from languages such as Python.  Due to this background, I did slightly understand […]

Sewing And Digital Embroidery

For this assignment, we were told to make three things through sewing and embroidery: drawstring bag, a simple patch, and one slightly modified creation from an approved pattern. I was really nervous about this assignment, due to the fact that  have no experience with sewing or embroidery in the past.  However, once I started using […]

3D Printing and Scanning

For this two-week assignment, we were assigned to design three of the following four projects: a set of flatware with a specific purpose, an art piece relating to our culture combined with ourselves in some way, a famous painting turned into a 3D model, including either ourselves or an object, and making a specific part […]

Copper Tape Circuits

For this assignment, we were required to complete three projects: a simple paper circuit, a circuit involving an inspirational quote, and a circuit incorporated into either a pop-up card or piece of origami. For the simple circuit, we were provided the design in our lab section, and simply applied copper tape and the LED in […]

Layered Stickers Assignment

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating three vinyl stickers: a “griffin” sticker combining two creatures (real or fake), a logo sticker, and an original sticker. For my griffin sticker, I decided to combine my two favorite Pokémon: Pikachu and Shinx. In lab section, just as we were about to print the sticker, the […]

Laser Name Tag

In the first lab section, we were told that we were to make a name tag that captures our personalities. We were then told to make a basic name tag in order to get used to the Inkscape software. Since the name tags were supposed to resonate with our personalities, I decided to make my […]