Ashley Jun Paper Circuits

In class projects The following is the first paper circuit I made in class to understand the basic concepts of a circuit. Afterwards, I made a a more complex parallel circuit based on an inspirational quote. The first is my design and what I calculated for the resistors (220 ohms) based on my battery (3V) […]

Ashley Jun – Sticker

Design and build process With many of the cute examples in class, I knew that I wanted to make something colorful. As a former bubble tea shop worker (and am still obsessed with bubble tea), I decided to create a cartoonish bubble tea sticker. I started off by looking for a general silhouette of a […]

Ashley Jun Name tag

Design and build process When discussing this assignment in lab, one of the instructors mentioned that we could make our nametag into whatever shape but preferably not something sharp for obvious reasons. I immediately thought of circles which led to the idea of clouds. Also, though several of the nametag examples given in class were […]