assignment 5 textiles – Justin Kim


The above two are the embroidery and the drawstring pouch I made in class. The pouch turned out very satisfactory, even though it was so very hard to put the drawstring in as the hole I made was too small for any pencil to go through. The embroidery patch was painful to do, as the machine kept breaking down midway. The first machine I used kept powering down as the plug was faulty, and the second machine kept breaking down because the patch was becoming too thick, and the machine started jamming.


I decided to make a chain chomp plushie and gift it to my sister, as we grew up playing the New Super Mario Bros Wii together when we used to live in Virginia. For the embroidery I wanted to use a Mario hat, but realized that it had too few colors for it to meet the requirements. So instead I decided to use the super crown, a power up for the New Super Mario Bros Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This power up turn Toadette in to Peachette, so I thought it was a subtle message for my sister.


The process was time consuming and painful, and I have new found respect for people who sew or make plushies. From drawing the outline on fleece and cutting the individual pieces out, it was the most time consuming project in this class.

Some of the hard things/things i would like to improve about this project are

  • sewing
    • lots of stabbing my self with the needles before i learned the existence of thistle
    • accidentally sewed the teeth on to the head so I had to start over
    • making the ball head
    • I tried making the chain but it was even harder than making the head
    • forgetting to put the embroidery patch on the the fleece so having to hand sew it
    • even thought I put 7 hours into this project, I would like to put in more time if I had to redo it