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Assignment 0: 3D printing project

For one of the 3D printing projects, we were asked to design a dinner wear with a group theme. Our team decided our theme to be a dinner wear that has multiple functions. Instead of using Tinkercad, I decided to use the software Sculptris. Although unlike Tinkercad, Sculptris doesn’t have a clear measurement to keep track of the size of my work, I chose Sculptris because I thought Sculprtris is a software that I can use it to create any shape with smoother lines. However, Sculptris is a challenging software. I spent about an hour to have a rough idea about what function each of the tools has. I started create my work with a sphere. The multiple tools in Sculptris allowed me to pull or press the sphere into different shapes. I ended up making a bowl with two small cup aside for dressing and a little extension on the side to put utensils. 

When I decided to 3D print my dinner wear, I couldn’t print it in its actual size, because I was using the UP 3D printer, which is a small 3D printer and it will cost much time if I print it full size. Therefore I scaled down my model to 30%. With the help of Gabriel, I was able to set up the printer successfully and understood how to change the filament of the printer. Here are some pictures of my 3D printed bowl: 

螢幕快照 2015-12-04 下午5.01.53螢幕快照 2015-12-04 下午5.01.28

However, my 3D printed bowl wasn’t as perfect as it will be. First of all, I didn’t think about the support structure issue when I was setting the position of my model. Therefore, there were many support structures on my object, and I had a hard time of taking them off, even though Jeff introduced me some handy tools. Also there were original two handles underneath the two dressing cups, but I scaled down my model too much I was not able to tell which part was the support structure which part was not. Moreover, there were holes in my bowl and cups. Jeff said it was because sometimes when people designed their objects in Sculptris there will be some minor twists or holes that people couldn’t tell, when people were pulling and twisting the model in the software. To avoid this situation happening again, next time I will scale down my model to 50% and change another placing position to avoid many support structure.