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Ashley Jun Name tag

Design and build process

When discussing this assignment in lab, one of the instructors mentioned that we could make our nametag into whatever shape but preferably not something sharp for obvious reasons. I immediately thought of circles which led to the idea of clouds. Also, though several of the nametag examples given in class were very intricate, I knew that I wanted mine to be very simple as I consider myself as such. After looking through several Google images of cloud silhouettes I thought of layering different pieces of material on top of each other to make the nametag more interesting.

I also decided to add a still from the movie Ponyo which is one of my favorite movies and thought it would fit the almost child-like cloud design. As for my name, I decided to make it a vector on both cloud layers. For the material, I figured that the illustration would be burned into the wood best and decided on a blue acrylic for the top cloud layer.

I superglued both layers after laser cutting them and the final product is pictured below.


Considering how I wanted my final product to be very simple, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Looking back, I wish I had found a different type of wood or possibly stained it to be slightly darker. Also, though I imagined the blue acrylic to be a bit more translucent, I am glad I was at least lucky enough to find a blue material that would contrast with the wood. I’m very thankful I had to help of the staff at the Fab Lab especially when it came to set up the laser and ensuring I had the right color and width for my design. If I had to do this project again, I would reconsider the materials to make my vision come true of a playful and simple nametag.

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