This is the first Arduino board I made in class. I feel like resistor didn’t help the brightness to go down. 

I made a motion sensor board using the PIR sensor. I got inspired by the light at home where the light turns on when it senses the motion. It saves energy as I don’t have to leave the light on the whole time. For some reason, I couldn’t get the PIR sensor light up. I couldn’t figure out where I need to fix the problem. 

I ended up using the ultrasonic sensor that was in the box to create what I couldn’t with the PIR sensor. My storyboard illustrates the car motion sensor. The storyline goes: I’m driving my car. A little kid is crossing the road, but I don’t see him. I almost hit the kid. Thank God, I didn’t. I go home and trying to come up with ideas. I finally get an idea to put a motion sensor. The motion sensor detects the distance between the car and the object and alerts when it’s too close to the car. I wanted to make a beeping sound when the distance is too close. However, I couldn’t figure out to make a sound to be part of the loop. I will have to look into more codes and other sensor outputs to make this work. My storyboard includes the happy ending of where I didn’t hit a dog because of my motion sensor. I hope I can make this more advanced and create some toys for my dog.