Arduino Servo Bots


The first bot I made with an arduous servo motor is a fish with a motor attached to the back. The thought process for this was that the servo motor would act as a propeller and would propel the fish forward. However, the arduous servo motor has limitations, which is that the motor can only rotate up to 180 degrees. Also this idea may have worked underwater, but on ground, all it does it make the fish look like it is flapping around.

For our improved project, I wanted to make an actual walking robot instead of a fish that just flaps around. The idea for this was that using two servo motors that are sweeping and since the front servo motor is tilted, it would be enough force for the robot to move forward from the motion of its legs. The difficulties for this project came from imprecise materials. The popsicle stick and the laundry clips which I thought were all the same size, are actually not, creating problems making a level leg. The code for this project are simple for loop with the variable x that acts as the angle for the servo motor to be at.

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servo1,servo2;
char forward[] = {60,100,100,100,100,60,60,60};
void setup()
void loop()
for(int x=0;x<4;x++)

What I learned from this project is how hard it is to make a walking robot. Walking is a simple action that requires so many complex components that with materials that are incapable such as laundry clips and Popsicle sticks there is only so much that is possible for make the robot do. Design wise, I could have made the arduino bot move like an AT-AT from star wars by getting a battery so the wires do not limit what I could have attached to the robot and how far the robot could walk. If had to improve this project, I think I would try laser printing wood materials and use it to make a robot, just like a 3D wooden puzzle toys stores sell.