Arduino Part 1



 The original setup, I had both the receiver and the sensor on the board together. I tried to set it up like how the touch sensor was done in class. Note that the light on the Arduino motherboard is on, but not the light for the IR Receiver. 

I used the Instructables to re-design my circuit.











Serial port not recognized. 

IR Remote code, used an Instructable, changed a few items in the code, particularly the threshold and the pin on the motherboard. 

Wanted to see if this temperature code would work with the IR, particularly because I wanted to see if the heat output would be noticeable, but port not available so did not find out. 


This shows the Arduino plug-in at the top. When I was having issues with the board, I read in the tutorial that I needed to download the software for the computer to recognize the board. I did and it shows up as my computer recognizing that the Arduino is plugged in, but not in the web browser. 

 This shows the error message for the Arduino board when I tried to upload the code.

The last attempt with the new IR receiver

I tried to have the computer check the ports. I am guessing that both ports should say true, instead of false and true.


I was interested in using the arduino to potentially see if hair that is being dyed gives off Infrared waves. I wanted to know if the infrared waves would be able to tell someone when they have potentially over-dyed their hair. I did a few google searches to see if this is something that has some scientific basis. I did not find much, but I did find out that the bleach and developer speed up their chemical reactions via heat. Therefore, the warmer the temperature, the faster the dye takes.

I looked around via the Instructables website and I tried several different codes that people shared. I tried to tweak one by removing the IR remote component. I kept receiving error messages and it was most likely due to missing where the brackets should go. I got a lot of “CPU” and “Too many arguments to function” errors. Additionally, I found a code for analog temperature that I thought could be used to reflect the potential heat differential from the hunk of hair I cut from the room temperature. 

Unfortunately, this did not turn out any results. The first time I hooked up the Arduino to my computer, the motherboard lit up, but not the receiver. Additionally, my computer would not recognize the Arduino. I downloaded the file from the website that was supposed to take care of this issue after reading the tutorial. However, the serial port is still not being recognized.  

I tried a different IR receiver, this time with the remote, and the IR receiver turned on, but the serial port is not being recognized and I had turned off my computer to try to eliminate my computer as a source of the error. I am not sure what the error is. 

int sensePin = 13; //This is the Arduino Pin that will read the sensor output
int sensorInput; //The variable we will use to store the sensor input
double temp; //The variable we will use to store temperature in degrees.

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
Serial.begin(9600); //Start the Serial Port at 9600 baud (default)

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
sensorInput = analogRead(13); //read the analog sensor and store it
temp = (double)sensorInput / 1024; //find percentage of input reading
temp = temp * 5; //multiply by 5V to get voltage
temp = temp – 0.5; //Subtract the offset
temp = temp * 100; //Convert to degrees

Serial.print(“object temperatur: “);