Subtitle: shaoyie is not responsible enough to use a hot glue gun.


Finished product! Dragon!  (Video will be attached below)


I will readily admit I probably should have focused on the “locomoting” part of it a bit more. Got a little too excited about the dragon part, so it uh, it moves. Just… not effectively. Or in the expected direction.

Photo of completed + video:

I promise it is actually moving. Just….. very incrementally. 

  I uhh… did not actually take that many pictures. /Technically/ this is my first iteration- 

Which is, clearly, having some stability issues. It did actually move a little, but was basically falling over every time it took a step.

Which was funny. But also not great.  So I decided to ease up on making it stand on its own, and gave it a little structure frame thing to hold it up properly. 

(This was also when I realized why I don’t normally use hot glue guns. I know the glue is hot. Its a hot glue gun. But I always, without fail, want to poke it.)

In addition, I modified the code a bit to make the steps smaller, so it wouldn’t be flailing its limbs everywhere. The pace of the steps seemed to be generally in line with how walking could actually work, so once I had the general setup down, I kept that. This was actually done by incrementing the degrees of the two legs in one single for loop, which kind of made it so that one leg… lags? might be the best way of phrasing it? behind the other.


The final product still wasn’t as good as I wanted. The legs would actually be moving it properly, I think, if I had some extra time to work on it. The issue had to do with the grip the “feet” had + the way they were alternating; they were basically gripping the floor enough to move a little, but the other food was moving with the right timing to then shift it back. I wanted to modify the frame a bit so it would tilt forward more, so that there is grip when the foot moves back, but not when it swings forward. I ran out of time in the fab lab though, so its still not in primo condition. Maybe I will do some extra fixes before class starts tomorrow? We shall see.