When I started thinking of ideas for this project, I thought about making a light that would automatically turn on when someone walked into a room. My original thought ended when I thought about the problems surrounding the room’s door – it would be too complicated to maneuver around the closing and opening of the door. So instead I though about creating a nightlight of sorts. I have problems sleeping sometimes so I thought that I could use Arduino to my advantage. The code and example I came up with is basically just fade with multiple LEDs in it. When the lights go off, the lights would fade in and out slowly to create a calming effect. 

Here’s my storyboard (excuse my horrible drawing abilities):


The Arduino professionals online said there was an easier way to create this code, but I just went the long way to understand it better. I didn’t get farther than the code for this project, unfortunately, but I would like to later on.

I do have a problem involving an end parenthesis that I can’t find out the problem to, but I hope that someone else will be able to look at it later and find out where I went wrong. Arduino is relatively easy for a beginner to use, but it still has some difficulties for people like me who are not experts at coding. Once the software becomes more familiar, I think I can get better without entirely relying on the Internet.