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Arduino II Assignment

For this week’s continuation of Arduino, we incorporated movement using servo motors. Our assignment was to build a locomotive pom-pom bot using these motors, the Arduino for programming the movement, and basic arts and crafts skills for the robot creation. 

In honor of Game of Thrones premiering its last season this weekend, I wanted to try creating a dragon. My initial prototype imitated simple wing movement. 

While using the servo motors to create movement in the dragon’s wings was my original plan for this project, I figured it was too simple for the final product and obviously did not incorporate the “walking” movement that we were asked to do.

So for my second prototype, I just wanted to try creating simple “walking” movement. I taped two servo motors together and some sort of initial skeletal body, and programmed the Arduino to rotate the motors in a back and forth motion. Only having two motors on me, I could only imitate movement for what would be the two front legs of the dragon.

It sort of worked. Because of the lack of friction however, the prototype mostly moves backwards or in place rather than forward. So for my next and final prototype, I tried hot gluing all the parts together rather than tape for better stability, and added some decoration to make it look more like a dragon as well as adding some weight for better friction.

As you can see, I’m not a very crafty person… the dragon turned out to look more like a chicken. I even tried adding some fire coming out of its mouth. 

Unfortunately the extra weight and stability did not help it go forward, but at least it’s moving more in place rather than backwards. If I had more time on this project, I would definitely look more into increasing the friction between the feet and surface for better, more realistic movement, as well as more time on decorating.