Arduino Assignment

For the in class portion, we created LEDs blinking with the starter code provided in the Arduino libraries. 

For the homework, I decided to create a temperature and humidity sensor that tells you when your shower is ideal to jump into. Often times, we shower with water that is too hot, and since that’s not good for us, I thought it would be a good product idea to quantify the shower temperature. 

Here is the storyboard:

For the prototype, I used a DHT11 sensor (temp and humidity) that connected from the Uno to the breadboard. For this, I used an online tutorial. Once I figured out how to get the Serial Monitor to report the temperature and humidity, I wanted to connect the LCD screen to basically act as a warning sign – so we could know whether the temperature was ideal to shower or not. This was the harder part because the I2C LCD display was different that the tutorials I looked up, so it took more time to figure out how to connect the wires. Once that was done, I had to change the address from 0x27 to 0x3F. The code is what took me the longest, especially because it was custom-made.

So what I did in the code was create custom characters using bytes – so I created a snowflake, smiley face, and sun. I also created a helper function that converted the Celsius degrees into Farenheiht. 

This project was rewarding and I enjoyed testing it out! I had to test it on the stove top because my bathroom outlet was not near the shower, so it never got hotter than about 81 degrees. The one thing I would add to it is to clear the screen after a few seconds and then show the humidity percentage instead of humidity temperature. 

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