In class, we used one servo to create movement to our Arduino bots. I wanted to make a cute teddy bear whose stomach rumbled. I mimicked a vibrating movement on the servo and then used fabric and pompoms to create the bear. 

For homework, I decided to make a snake / wormy thing that squiggled around. The first iteration I made had less than ideal movement. It was more shaking and less squiggling. Video of first iteration.

I played around with the code – the degree and speed of the fan – to create a more squiggling / squirming movement. 

For the second iteration, I made the physical prototype again because I wanted to attach the servos differently. I played around more with the code and used only 1 fan instead of 2, which seemed to help the movement. Video of second iteration.

Here is the final code:

What I learned from this assignment was that it was really fun to mimic movement. It reminds me kind of like a worm getting electrocuted if I fast forward the video. LOL. The hardest part I think was figuring out where to attach the fans to the pipe cleaners. I also couldn’t figure out how to hide the servo box because it was so big and the snake is pretty skinny. Overall, I think it’s a cute end result.