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AmyLi_Iteration Project

Before starting the project, I knew I wanted to do another iteration of the 3D project. I knew that the phone I made in the beginning looked unproportional and that I wanted to make it slightly better. Initially, I wanted to create a 3D action figure that uses a LED light, but I did some more brainstorming and decided to design a phone case with a fidget component attachment on the back. I wanted to do this because I wanted to create a more proportional 3D print and give it a function. I figured that many people carry their phone on them at all times and when it comes to people fidgeting, it’ll be more convenient for people to have a fidget component attached to their phone so that they can use it without having to carry both their phone and fidget toy.


While working on my project, I took my current phone case and measured the dimensions so that the 3D print would be proportional. Additionally, I used autoCAD to create the phone case because it has more available features such as fillets, extrusions, and the ability to assemble multiple parts.

I decided to draft a phone case by combing a component of the fidget cube and placing it at the back of the phone case. I measured the approximate comfortable distance to place the fidget component on the case. I ended up using the circular disc from the fidget cube because it produces no noise and it isn’t bulky, so it doesn’t interrupt the flat surface of the case.

I sent the 3D print through multiple (4) times, but I received an error for printing the circular disc or the fidget component at the back of the phone case. The case came out to be the correct proportions, but I couldn’t figure out why the disc kept on failing. I think it was because its too small for it to print, so I might have to create a wooden disc through laser cut or hand make in the woodshop. Other than that, the phone case come out with the correct proportions. Overall, it was nice to create another iteration of our old projects. The case came out fine, but it was stressful trying to create multiple 3D parts. I tried to send the print through so many times that I ended up getting frustrated.