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Amine Ahmed Yahia – Laser Name Tag

Studio Reflection

First drafts

Second draft

Final draft


What were you inspired by?

            I drew inspiration from other projects as well as random google images.

What idea were you building on? How are yours different?

            I built on a standard name tag design and added a cat with swirls.

Did you have all the tools and knowledge you needed?

            Yes I had everything I needed right in front of me.

What were you excited about? What were you worried about?

            I was excited to see the laser machine work but I was also worried I would cause a malfunction.


While working on your project:


What would help you explain this to a peer?

            It’s almost self-explanatory. I would guide my peer through steps or have them watch a video.

What are some pitfalls others can avoid if they were doing this project too?

            Do not have too many vectors cutting close to one another or they’ll burn.

Why do you care about this?

            The freedom to create/design anything helps me relax and work out my creativity.

Do you do stuff like this at home? Why or why not?

            I make, but I do not have nearly as many resources as I could.


After finishing your project:


What do you need to learn still in order to meet your goal?

            How to vary the shading intensities.

If you had more time, what would you change?

            I would make my tag a lot more involved and maybe handcraft some shapes.

What were you inspired by?

            Other projects as well as the internet gave me the inspiration I needed to start.

Did you end up encountering someone else’s idea in the process that shaped your work?

            I saw many other ideas and used them as examples, but I did not want to steal ideas.

Who/what helped you?

            The professors helped me remember older tutorials for laser cutters.

At what point did you decide you were going to finish your project?

            When I started working on it, I had already decided to finish it.

What mistakes did you make?

            I burned the swirls because the cuts were too small and grouped close.

What was your goal? Did you meet your goal?

            My goal was to make a unique piece of art with my name on it and I did that exactly

What is something that worked?

            The machine worked for all its intended purposes.

When did you make a revision, and why?

            I made a revision right before printing to add the box cutout that was to be the actual tag.

Name 3 unexpected things that happened

            A file failed to save, I forgot to vector the actual box for the tag, and I burned my kitty ☹.

Describe a “big moment” that moved your project forward.

            When I decided to stay after class to finish. I do not efficiently get work done at home nor on weekends, so I knew my best decision was to stay until I had everything mostly done.

What there a time you doubted you could finish? Why? How did you make it through?

            I doubted myself at the start but fixed myself when I got the ball rolling.

Did you give up? Why? What did you do next?

            No. I just kept adjusting and moving on.

What was the most frustrating part?

            Learning how to physically operate the laser cutter, and it was not even bad.

What did you like?

            Everything from the freedom of choice to the design work on Inkscape.

What bit are you most proud of?

            I was supposed to be proud of the swirls, but they came out wrong. Instead, I like the star cutouts that I could glue back on.

Which part of this was the most fun? Why?

            The most fun part was watching the laser etch and cut. After the difficult creation phase, we get to relax and enjoy the machine as it makes our designs.

Second take:

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