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The Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab is a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication. The Fab Lab allows you to dream up, design and make almost anything you can imagine using open source software and DIY equipment.

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Teen Open Lab at the Urbana Free Library Flickr group

We're on TV!

Illinois Central TV ran a spot for us this past weekend! It's a good overview but also a lot of George and I talking - I'd just like to emphasize that many, many people make the Fab Lab go, including our volunteers and our partners at community organizations.

The Bush of Life - A visit and workshops by Fab Lab Lyon

A special thanks to Jonathan Landais and Marie Lombard from Fab Lab Lyon visited us this past weekend! They were kind enough to share some about their knowledge and projects as well as run two workshops, the Bush of Life, for kids in two community groups - the homeschool group (attached to the Fab Lab teen group, the Fab Lab Makers) and the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center. Files from their workshop are attached.


September Fab Lab Makers at IMC

The third Saturday of September happens to coincide with the Urbana-Champaign Mini Maker Faire being held at the IMC. The Fab Lab Makers will be there instead of at the Fab Lab. Come check us out at the Fab Lab booth. We will have exciting information about our new Fab Lab Makers Certification Program and there will be plenty of exciting stuff to look at and make. If you have never been to, or heard about, the UC Mini Maker Faire check out their website here.

Makerspace Urbana (IMC) Events

The IMC has lots of events going on this weekend - including home router hacking and arduino electonics.



The Mobile Fab Lab is here

The Mobile Fab Lab is here and getting set up - thanks to Dean Rose, Lisa Bievenue and Sally Jackson for making it happen.

Mobile Fab Lab inside

Minecraft at the Urbana Free Library

A picture of the town the kids at the UFL Fab Lab have built in Minecraft - stay tuned for pictures of the 3D printed model!

UFL Town

Mobile Fab Lab Open Hours and Events

Mobile Fab Lab Trailer

Open Lab

  • Thursdays – Aug 15 and 22 – 6-9p
  • Saturdays  – KIDS ONLY (age 11-18) – Aug 17 and 24– 10a-12p
  • Sundays – Aug 18 & 25 – 1-6p


  • Monday  – Open House for Area Youth Provider Organizations – Aug 19 – 6-9p
  • Tuesday  – Shopbot Workshop with CU Woodturning Club – Aug 20 – 6-9p

School for Poetic Computation

Possibly of interest "School for Poetic Computation" (in NYC).

"...to promote completely strange, impractical and magical work..."

Is anyone inspired to try something like this here?


Design class, "Writers as Architects"

An interesting article in the NY Times today, "Writers as Architects".  Aside from the interesting images, it struck me as a possible inspiration for a Fab Lab workshop..


19th Centure Patents, 3D printable

Possibly of interest:  a blog by Martin Galese, bringing 19th century patents to life as 3D printing projects.


Some of these are supposed to be posted to thingiverse.com, though I haven't looked for them yet.

MIT Mobile Fab Lab coming to Illinois in August

MIT Mobile Fab Lab coming to Illinois!  Check out the You Tube video courtesy of Congressman Bill Foster


McGill Music/Dance Project

Possibly of interest: wearable/dancable instrumentation, made in a fab lab (from McGill Univ.)


Their YouTube video from this article:  http://youtu.be/jX-PXGagp_A

Anyone want to try something like this?  (I can throw in the possibility of Augmented Reality imagery.)

Fab Lab People Appear on Big Ten Network

As reported earlier here, the Fab Lab contributed to an Augmented Reality installation for UI graduation ceremonieds.

The Big Ten Network broadcase a video on this project on July 19, 2013.  The video is now available on YouTube:


CUC Fab Lab Presentation at Digital Humanities 2013 in Lincoln, NE

I will present a short paper about the CUCFL at the Digital Humanities 2013 conference in Lincoln Nebraska this Friday.  [abstract]

As part of the preparation, I finished a writeup about a project I did on the 3D printer.  See the blog entry and related essay.

As the blog notes, I wrote the essay in reply to criticism from the conference reviewers, to wit, "what does this stuff have to do with humanities?"

Not being a professional humanist, I nevertheless took a stab at a 'humanistic' argument.

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