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The Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab is a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication. The Fab Lab allows you to dream up, design and make almost anything you can imagine using open source software and DIY equipment.

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A night of creativity

Hear from individuals about how they incorporate creativity into their daily lives, participate in some creative activities, and eat some treats!


Smithsonian Webcast on 3D scanning 13-14 Nov.

Possibly of interest to some of you, a webcast from the Smithsonian about 3D scanning and modeling.


If you are interested, the webcast will be running in the Media Commons (top floor of the Undergraduate Library). 

For more info, contact Jamie A. Nelson (UIUC CITES).

Rapid Prototyping Idea from IDEO Lab

Jeff posted a note about the interesting prototyping work coming out of GSLIS

In a similar vein, check out a similar prototyping concept from IDEO lab: a video prototype for iphone app which takes it to the next level.

 What you want to see is the "secret".

Shouldn't we have a collection of these?

Paper Prototyping Level Up

Members of the GSLIS "Entrepreneurship and IT Design" course have created a new way to do paper prototyping - with more realistic mobile device holders. You can use these prototype frames to test devices in different use contexts, for instance holding a large tablet for one-handed use while walking and holding a bag. How far will your thumb reach?

Includes files for paper inserts to cut or draw (with those little color pens!) on the Silhouette and frames to cut out on the laser. Everything for download at:



Modular Phones

Motorola recently announced a new phone they are developing. You can read about it here. I find it interesting that the announcement came so soon after Dave Hakkens started promoting his idea for Phonebloks. I really look forward to seeing where this project goes. It would be fun to develop a module for your own phone.

Fab Lab Makers Pumpkin Carving




The plan for today had been to make some halloween decorations using the vinyl cutter, 3D printer, and Epilog. Instead, having been inspired by a question from one of our participants, we decided to try carving a pumpkin with the Epilog. We used medium sized pie pumpkins so that they would actually fit in theepilog. Our first attempt was using a bumpier, more traditional looking pumpkin. It got stuck and slipped couple of times so we cancelled the print. Our second pumpkin had a much smoother, more rounded outside. That combined with moving the rollers closer together made for a much smoother rotation.

Laser Carved Pumpkin

Howards with pumpkin

The Saturday Morning Kid's Science Club tried their hand at laser carving a pumpkin. 

Turns out it takes a lot to carve a pumpkin with a laser, but the results might be worth the effort. 



Interested in finding a makerspace near you? Try the makermap - http://themakermap.com/


Fab Lab Makers

Do you like carving pumpkins for halloween? Why not come to the fab lab and cut out some fun pumpkins on the laser cutter? Or you could print a jack o lantern using the UP3D printer. If you are really ambitious you could solder together a blinky and light up a pumpkin. We will be hosting an open lab on Saturday the 19th for youth between the ages of 10 and 16 from 10 until noon. Join us and make some halloween decorations or work on your own project.


Urbana collab 'design days' this week

Are you interested in coworking?  In local design and content companies?  With food, too?

You might want to visit the downtown Urbana collab this week, which is feature friends-of-the-Lab Norden Design's display week.  Johan and Anna will show you their works, new office, and tour the rest of the collab space if you want. (Hours noon to 7P daily this week.)

For more info, there was a nice piece in smilepolitely last week.


Osmoces 2013

It is pretty late notice, but if you are up for a trip to Wheaton this weekend the Osmoces 2013 Symposium looks like a good time. There are lots of workshops planned along with several speakers. I am not going to make it this year, but will try to watch for it next year so I have time to plan a trip.

CUCFL at Prototyping Fair Friday!

Dean Rose and several Fab Lab volunteers will be attending the UI research park Prototyping Fair tomorrow - go check it out!



We're on TV!

Illinois Central TV ran a spot for us this past weekend! It's a good overview but also a lot of George and I talking - I'd just like to emphasize that many, many people make the Fab Lab go, including our volunteers and our partners at community organizations.

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