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Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab

3D Printing/Scanning

This is my idea sheet for this project.
This is my first 3D model I created in class for the castle and the alien. I really like my alien because it’s kind of cute with its ice cream cone sticking into his head.
This is the side of the 3D model of myself scanned. It was kind of cool and sad to find out how hunched I am. It reminded me to have a better posture.
This is before I exported the file and it is showing all the errors with the lines and circles. The different colors indicate different kinds of errors.
This is the model I created for the first prompt. Surprisingly it took me quite a long time to create this as I had to resize and angle all of them to make them look good together when grouped.

First Prompt
I really love cooking. My favorite dish to make is pasta. Sometimes it gets a little crazy making a good al dante pasta dish because you have to watch the noodles and the sauce at the same time. So I created a little concurrent pasta cooker. The left part of this model is the noodle cooker. The light purple cooks the pasta and the lasers in the pot will detect the noodles that are already al dante. To prevent those noodles from getting overcooked, it gets sent to the outer part of the pot which will have the noodles circling around the pot and keep them moist. When all the noodles are cooked, it will go into the swirly pipe and come out of the pipe into the saucepan on the right. the three blue swirly lines are portraying the noodles coming out of the pot. You can cook the sauce in the pot on the right and you will be able to control when to drop the noodles into your saucepan. I’m attaching the image below to show how my noodle cooker looks inside. It was a bit more difficult than I thought to create this model because the pipes were coming in all different angles so to resize and repositioning them took me quite long. I’m very happy about my model because it reflects my imagination pretty well. One downside about this model is that it cost me over $15 to use a water-soluble material and over 9 hours to print them.

Since I have some parts of my model floating in the air, I would need a support system to print them. However, that is what it would have looked like if I printed it with a normal material. The staff at the MakerSpace told me that it will look atrocious if I used the normal material to print it.
This is what it would have looked like if I used the water-soluble material. It would be very easy to remove the support system and have them look cool. However, it would cost me $15 and over 9 hours to print them. I was afraid that I would have to pay multiple times if they didn’t come out right. So I decided to not print them.

Prompt #2

This is the model I created using scanned version of myself and the tower that is in my hometown. Dabo Tower in that picture is a very well-known historic tower in my hometown city called Gyeongju in South Korea. It is a very historic city and there are a lot of towers that monumentalize royal people who have passed away. In Korea, many older generations desire to be buried in town where they were born. Since, Gyeongju is where I was born and share a lot of good memories with my family, I thought about having my afterlife self there. I wanted to change the little heads that are attached to the tower. However, I couldn’t do that because the tower is the model that I downloaded from the website and I couldn’t manipulate elements of the model. I tried to separate the segments but ungrouping was not allowed. The difficult part about building this model was to have both files in certain size in order to export it from the MeshMixer to stl. file where I can import them to TinkerCad. My head attached to the skeleton body resembles many of the historic monuments and towers in that city. I wanted to make a symbolic model that reflects my dream to spend the later life and leaving legacy in my hometown just like how respected Kings are buried in that city.

Prompt #3

This is my model I created using the famous LOVE sculpture. I wanted to recreate the model by making the letter “O” into a heart shape to emphasize its meaning of “love”. I first had to distort my scanned model to make it into a heart shape. I used various type of brushes in the MeshMixer to make it smoother and put some points to go in more. It was kind of difficult to make it into a perfect heart shape because I didn’t want to lose the main shape of myself.

This is the scanned version of me that has been shaped into an upside down heart. It’s not perfectly looking like a heart. I cut part of my arms and smoothed them out. I pull the center part to make it look like a heart.


It was very interesting to learn about 3D modeling and scanning. I am glad to know how these things do amazing things and help out a lot of people. I had a very difficult time putting my ideas into actual models. I think it will take me some time to learn how to make my imaginations into an actual thing using the 3D printer. One difficulty I had was the pricing and the timing of the printing. I think in the future, I would have those things in my mind before designing my models so complex. I’m overall happy about how my models look but I wish it didn’t cost me so much time and money to print them out.

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