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3D Printing Project – Edbert Linardi

During the lab section, my section did not save the Sculptris work. Here is the result of my TinkerCad random creating.

It is only a weird wheel that can be rotated.

For this week’s project, I chose the third prompt, which is the 3d scanning + printing. My original idea was to create a superhero cup. However, I got this brilliant idea to use my 3d scanned torso, which has been done in the lab section, as a cup.

Here is the storyboard of my project:

It’s about someone who thinks that  his cup is boring, scanned himself, and created a cup based on it.

Before this project, I have never done any 3d printing or scanning. I also have never  done things like AutoCAD. I was so excited to transform my idea into reality.

I used TinkerCAD to tweak my 3d scanned torso, because it was super easy to use. First, I removed my head from the object, by slicing it. Then, I put an half-egg-shaped hole to my body.

I had a hard time finding the right place for the hole, since the body part is uneven.

I believe that this could be avoided by scanning the torso slowly, to get a straight scan of the torso.

Then, I added the holder part to the object, by using the donut shape in TinkerCad, which was not a difficult task to do.

When everything’s ready, I finally print the object, using the 3D printer in the FabLab. The process took two hours.

Here is the result of my work:


When I first got this, I was not happy because it turned out to be too small. This happened because I did not know the actual dimension of the object in the TinkerCad.

However, I’m satisfied with the overall shape of the cup. I think the printing was successful. Well, the cup was not practical, but I think it’s cool to have your body as a cup. If I had more time doing this project, I want to re-scan my torso and edit the dimension of the cup, so that it’s bigger.

Overall, this project was very fun and enjoyable. I’d like to explore more about 3d Printing, which I believe has a bright future ahead.