3d Printing and Scanning

This week we worked on 3d modeling and 3d scanning. For my project this week, I wanted to make a cable holder that would organize some of my cables since I sometimes have trouble located my chargers.

These were the different sketches that I did for the four prompts:

For the utensils, I decided to make a utensil that would be compact, so I made a utensil that holds each fork, knife, and spoon that would act similarly to a swiss army knife. For the culture background, I decided to do farming since my ancestors did a lot of farming and add electronics to it to more match my current major. For my art piece I created a scene based on Starry Night by Van-Gogh. This was just 3d renditions of the buildings with the mountain as well. For the final sketch, I wanted to make a cable holder since I don’t have the best cable management for my chargers. As a result, I decided I would like a holder that would be tailored to each individual cable. This was the idea that I decided to 3d print.

These two are the 3d models I created for the compact utensil and the cable holder:


For this one I attempted to use meshmixer to get more of a spoon shape, but the model didn’t have enough edges near the spoon to be able to form it into the shape that I liked, so as a result, I left it as what is in the model.

Cable Holder:

For the cable holder I made two separate models: one that held my laptop charger and another that held my PS vita charger. I ended up printing both of these and attaching them together.

This was the final product of the cable holder. Essentially, I made it so that I could attach new holders for individual cables if I needed more. Right now it holds my laptop charges and it allows me to always know where to find the cables when I need them. There are some alterations that I would make if I were to remake the parts. I originally had something on the side to wrap the cord around, but it was too small to be usable. I would make the overall holder taller and larger in order to wrap the cord around it.