3D Printing

In class work:

3D scanning:

These are my 4 sketches for each of the prompts. I used Tinker CAD to 3D model them very simply. I really don’t like Tinker CAD because it feels really limiting and I am more used to building parts from sketch planes. For my final 3D model, I will actually use Solidworks because that’s what I’m used to. 

I chose to build out the silverware – the handle atleast – but TinkerCAD is really limiting so I felt like I couldn’t do much with the curves and ergonomics of the handle. 

I also chose to build the elephant earrings. I used the scribble tool for this.

I chose to move forward with the object that I need – which are elephant earrings! I am currently obsessed with all things ethnic and elephant print/patterns on fabrics, upholstery, and ceramics in general. This is what the final 3D model of the elephant looked like. It was relatively straightforward to model since I kept the design flat. I could have surface modeled to add curves to the elephant, but I chose not to (because of time constraints and other priorities).

The raw files are attached on Moodle because this program would not allow me to upload here. 

I really like the flatness and layers of the earring. And since this is an object that I would like to wear, I treated this 3D print as a test run. The earring back broke off as I was taking the supports off because it was too thin 🙁 

In the future, I would like to use a different resin to 3D print so that I can make the elephant look less “plasticky.” Overall, it was a fun project and I enjoyed the ideation process and seeing the sketch come to reality.  

Also, these are the scans we did in class. 

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