3d print assignment

3d models

I created a geometric 3d model of a toothbrush holder first. 

I created an Indian Om symbol with leaves to represent nature.

I scanned myslef and converted that to a 3d model. 



Final Project

I created a toothbrush holder for my final project. I created a smiley face on tinkercad with cylinders. I had to import an svg of a semicircle to create the smile on the face. Then I imported an svg of petals to create a flower around the smiley face which I thought could also be close to the rays of the sun. 


I really enjoyed building the toothbrush holder. It’s something I needed. I created a smiley face to indicate positivity and because it’s easy to correlate teeth with a smile. And I went with a flower because it reflects something in nature. The overall process was fun. Initially I had a more geometric figure that I wanted to use for my toothbrush holder but I decided to build something entirely different later on.