At first, I tried to come up ideas for each of the three prompt, and tried to play with each design methods. I used Sculptris to make a monster and found the grab tool very useful and interesting.I also use TinkerCAD to make an unfinished frog. 


After those practice, I decide to prompt 3. Prompt #3 asks us to use a 3D scare to create a work of art that might go on our coffee table at home. It reminds me a common scenario happens at home with my roommate. Here is the story board.

It is basically a chopsticks holder. But the holder is shaped into a copy of me. After scanning, I wanted to make the 3D scan more geometric and less detail. I asked a classmate, he taught me how to use blender to reach the goal I want. And then I use tinkerCAD to add my name behind the model. I also rescaled it. Then I was done with the design! It’s my first time doing a 3D prints, so I am every excited about it. But also because it’s my first time, I am worried about how will it turn out.

I was told that it takes three hours to print it. I came back the next day to pick it up. It’s looks like there are a lot of support structure. I then needed to learn how to clean the model after it prints.  When I was cleaning all the supported part, I accidentally tear down the letter “J”. I found the supports quite difficult to clean. Maybe I can think of another way to not have that much supports. If I had more time, next time I would like to do a organic model.

To sum up, it’s a simplified version and more geometric shape of a 3D scan Joy. I opened my arm during scanning because I want it to hold chopsticks or memo. In case I one day forgot who is this 3d print, I put my name “Joy” on its back.